Student Insight: Memorable moments from my MSc experience at WBS

14 October 2020

MSc ambassador, Gunel, shares her most memorable moments from her experience of studying at WBS and reflects on what she may have done differently.

What have been your most memorable moments at WBS?

It is very arduous for me to specify the most memorable moments from my time at Warwick Business School as I enjoyed every moment and was surrounded by so many amazing people. However, the trip to Edinburgh pre-COVID with my WBS friends is one of my favourite memories. We visited several museums and sights and learned about history, nature and landmarks of Edinburgh while having lots of fun. The trip allowed us to get to know each other really well and build genuine solid friendships which will last beyond our time at WBS.

In addition to this, some of my other favourite memories from studying at WBS were the group projects I participated in. The general consensus about group work is that there always seems to have a free-rider in the group, which was something that I was slightly nervous about when starting my MSc. Nevertheless, during my experience of participating in group projects the students I worked always showed so much professionalism. I worked alongside my group mates to ensure there was always a fair allocation of work, and by communicating lucidly and directly with one another I was mesmerized that my experience of group projects was so enjoyable and satisfying.

The last thing I must mention, which will undoubtedly be a memorable experience, is the impact of COVID-19 as this not only altered my studies, but also my personal life. I had to learn to adapt to a completely different way of working with my MSc becoming an online course. In terms of my personal life, many of my international friends left the UK and returned to their home countries which I wasn’t able to do. Even though it was a bewildering situation, the University of Warwick provided lots of information and online activities, sessions and workshops to help students deal with the situation and protect our wellbeing. Fortunately for me, after adapting to a new way of learning, I used this time to work on my self-development and started several online courses, including learning Spanish.

Is there anything that would have done differently?

Looking back at my year at WBS, I would have tried to travel a bit more at the start of my academic year; owing to the impact of COVID-19, many of my summer travel plans didn’t go ahead. Therefore, I would have liked to have spent some time throughout my studies going on shorter trips to explore the UK and Europe.

Do you have any advice for future MSc students?

My advice for future MSc students is to really think about your future career plans. You should have an idea about the country, industry and positions you are keen to work in and apply for jobs as soon as you can. The job market is extremely competitive and most companies in the UK only have set periods throughout the year when they recruit, hence, my advice is to plan ahead. If you are struggling to know where your future career plan lies, then make the most of the WBS CareersPlus team as they can not only provide you with lots of support on your CV and interview techniques, but they can also help you discover where your interests lie and what sort of career may be suited to you and your skills.

I would also advise students to pay attention to your self-care and wellbeing as your MSc course will be vigorous and it is hugely important to remain healthy both mentally and physically. Thus, eat a well-balanced diet and exercise. The Sports and Wellness Hub located on campus offers a wide range of sports and activities or you can enjoy jogging and walking around the beautiful campus which is a great way for your mind and body to relax.

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