MSc Student Insight: Our insider tips

28 July 2021

Our ambassadors share their insider tips for prospective MSc students; from discovering the best places to study on campus, to the best study resources they have taken advantage of throughout their time at WBS.

So, where are the best places to study on campus or within WBS?

Megan: The WBS building itself is a great place to study, whether that is individual study or group work. As postgraduates, we have access to two postgraduate-only study spaces in WBS, and we are also able to book meeting rooms if we need for group projects or presentation preparation. WBS also has tables placed throughout the buildings in various open areas, creating additional study spaces for students. The WBS cafe can also be a great place to work. It is great if, like me, you prefer to study within busier, louder environments, rather than in silent spaces.

Within the wider university there are many more study spaces, such as the Library, the Rootes Learning Grid, the Oculus and the SU. The Postgrad Hub within the Junction building (the old sports centre) is another good study space on campus and is often relatively quiet compared to other locations. Another personal favourite of mine is University House, just outside of central campus, and again often a much quieter space. There are two learning grids, as well as a central seating area next to the cafe.

Xiao: My favourite place to study on campus has to be the Postgraduate Study Space located in the WBS building. This is a great place for me to go between my lectures and seminars and I can also print any documents I need for free! There are lots of other great places to study on campus such as the Library so I can guarantee that you will definitely find an ideal place to study on campus that suits you.

Nazerke: There are a number of different study spaces on campus, but I prefer quiet, spacious areas, filled with light. If I am in my ‘hardcore study’ mode I head to the Library, find myself a table near window and enjoy the stunning view - especially the pink sunsets behind the WBS building. If I want to listen to lectures or meet with a project group, I often go to Postgraduate space in the WBS building where I can use the large TV screens for presentations, print papers for free and meet other MSc students!

Where are the best places to eat on campus?

Megan: There are too many good places to eat on campus to mention them all, so I will pick my personal top five. My top spot is the NAIC Cafe, located at the National Automotive Innovation Centre (the Lord Bhattacharyya Building). It is open to students as well as those who work within the building. NAIC offers great hot meal options daily, cooked breakfasts, as well as serving Starbucks within its coffee shop. The interior is modern and spacious, and there are also benches to be able to sit outside. Another favourite of mine is Cafe Nero at the Sports & Wellness Hub. As I am regularly at the gym, Nero is in a great location for me. I’ll often work in the seating area inside and there is also a great outdoor terrace area with seats and benches for students and gym users.

Central campus also has some great options, including Pret A Manger and Curiositea; Curiositea is often very popular due to its weekly themed specials menu. Canopy, located within the SU is another favourite, their menu includes brunch items, lunches and desserts. The first floor location also gives you a great view of the Piazza and central campus. The WBS Cafe is also hugely popular due to their South Asian focused menu, including dim sum and street food dishes.

Xiao: The best place to socialise on campus also happens to be my favourite place to eat which is The Piazza. This is where I usually meet up with my friends for a bite to eat and cup of coffee from the popular café Pret! There is also lots of outdoor space where you can sit and relax. The WBS café is also one of my go-to places as it serves a variety of Asian foods. 

Nazerke: You can get a good coffee and a quick snack from Pret a Manger, Café Nero which is located in the Sports and Wellness Hub, or WBS café. If you are looking for a more substantial meal then make sure you check out the Dirty Duck or Fusion Bar. Now that the lockdown restrictions have lifted you can enjoy drinks at the Terrace bar and Varsity pub, the latter is located really close to the WBS building. However make sure you book your tables in advance, since these places are very popular! 

Where are the best places to socialise on campus?

Megan: One of the best places to socialise on campus is the Piazza, the large open space in central campus boasts large steps facing the big outdoor TV. In previous years (pre-Covid) the TV has aired The Great British Bake Off, The Lion King, as well as The Eurovision Song Contest. Watching Eurovision on the Piazza during my undergraduate degree was such a highlight with people singing, dancing and waving flags. The Piazza is also the location for food markets and other events.

Terrace Bar is also another great social space, especially when you are able to get drinks at their ‘Bus Stop Prices’. Another option is the Dirty Duck pub, again on central campus. Along with these, all of the various cafes across campus can be great social spaces, whether that is to meet up with friends, or complete some group work. 

Tell us about the best workshops, guest lectures or careers fairs you've attended?

Xiao: Both the University of Warwick and WBS organise various workshops, guest lectures and careers fairs throughout the year. I really enjoyed a workshop based on finding out more about Python; it was really well organised event and gave me a great insight into the basics of Python where I learned how to run some basic codes like calculation and demonstration.

Nazerke: The WBS CareersPlus have organised several interactive sessions with previous MSc students. I have found these online meetings to be extremely helpful – my top tip would be to make sure that you prepare some questions in advance. As an MSc student you can also sign up for free language course and learn the basics of French, Spanish, German or Mandarin. All the events and activities are emailed to you on a weekly basis, so make sure you check your mailbox regularly and don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities.

What are your top revision methods and resources?

Xiao: My best revision tip is to make sure that you always write down some notes during your lectures and seminar as this will really help you to absorb the information, and it’s really useful to look back on when you start revising. As for resources, the Library has all the resources that any student could every need from textbooks, papers and databases so make sure you make the most of this fantastic resource!

Nazerke: My ultimate top tip would be to definitely make sure that you prepare in advance for each module and lecture/seminar as you will learn so much more! Don’t forget to take notes so that you have something to refer back to and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The academics at WBS are really helpful and supportive and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have either in person or via my.wbs. In addition to this make the most of all the library resources and the WBS subscriptions for leading periodicals such as the Financial Times, The Economist, HBR, MIT Sloan and others. I find these resources really helpful in preparation for my assignments.

Any other top tips for prospective students joining WBS?

Megan: One fun and often underrated activity on and around campus is to use the ‘Nextbike’ hire bikes, which are quick and easy to hire via the App. One great route is along the main path past the Cryfield Sports Pavilion, through the Cryfield Sports pitches and beyond, if you continue along you’ll eventually reach Kenliworth. I’ve cycled this route quite a few times with friends and it can be really enjoyable in the sunshine. It also passes an interesting metal sculpture of 3 large old bicycles. More recently the campus now has Voi electric scooters, another option to hire for getting around campus.

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