Student Insight: The WBS CareersPlus service

05 May 2021

Our CareersPlus team support our MSc students from the time they receive their offer, throughout their course, and continue once they’ve stepped into the world of work. In this blog our MSc ambassadors share their top tips on how to make the most of the CareersPlus service.

Tulika Khosla, MSc Marketing & Strategy

An integral reason I wanted to continue my journey at WBS from BSc Management to MSc Marketing & Strategy was because of the CareersPlus team. Job hunting can seem daunting, however the CareersPlus team have been exceptional in providing me with the support and guidance needed to take on the task.

The CareersPlus team organise a variety of events which includes skills workshops, alumni networking events, and insight events into specific companies and industries led by experts. I gained the benefits of skills workshops when I attended sessions hosted by EY-Parthenon and OC&C. These were aimed specifically to build skills around case interviewing. This year the sessions have all been conducted online. I personally found this advantageous as I was able to fit more events in around my schedule all from the comfort of my bedroom, with a warm cup of tea in hand.

They also offer one on one sessions. These range from 15-minute CV, cover letter, application checks to 30-minute sessions which can be used for mock interviews or discussions. A well-written CV and cover letter are often the deciding factor in job applications and the team have helped me conceptualise and refine both. They also helped me determine what career path I wanted to follow and helped me understand how my accumulated skills would be beneficial in that career, which I hadn’t considered before. Each session I’ve attended has left me feeling more confident and assured.

Overall, my experiences with the CareersPlus team have been very valuable, whether it be through a skills workshop, providing me with unparalleled exposure to industry leaders, or an in-depth chat regarding my career prospects with one of the CareersPlus team members. They are ready to answer any career queries I may have and guide me on my career prospects.

Shreya Jhunjhunwala Shreya Jhunjhunwala, MSc Marketing & Strategy

Looking for a job in a new country can be intimidating however the CareersPlus team at WBS have helped make the process a lot simpler for me. I have found it really easy to book an online one-to-one consultation with one of the experienced careers coaches to discuss my career options and future career path, as well as gaining useful tips on how to make the most of networking opportunities.

My sessions with the CareersPlus team have been extremely useful in mapping my professional journey. My discussions with the team have ranged from the content and format of my CV, tips on how to prepare for interviews, mock test preparation material and assistance with my job applications and using job portals. With the help of the team, I have been able to tailor my CV to specific job applications instead of using a standalone generalised CV. I now also understand the importance of using actions and quantifying my qualifications to demonstrate my suitability for a particular role. It is extremely valuable to have a well-structured CV as a prospective employer tends to only spend a few seconds reviewing a CV. Hence, it must be impactful.

In addition to this, the CareersPlus team organise regular events where industry specialists share their professional experiences and encourage young aspirants. Skill enhancement sessions can also be booked through the portal. Due to the current situation and restrictions that are in place in relation to COVID-19 the team have also organised Virtual Career Fairs so that students have the opportunity to interact with alumni who are working in various different industries. This not only helps students with building their professional network but also helps them to understand company-specific requirements and the type of work culture within particular industries. The team also hosted webinars based on work ethos, tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively and how to make your profile stand out amongst your competition. The current pandemic has undoubtedly shaken the job market and created a level of uncertainty amongst students, however, the CareersPlus team have been supportive and provided students with lots of support and advice on how to tackle searching for a job in the current climate.  

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