Student insight - Why join a student society?

24 July 2017

Alice Arnold
MSc International Business

“Joining a new university is one of the most nerve-racking but exciting times of your life, it is so important to take advantage of all the exciting things that will be taking place throughout the first few weeks. Freshers Week is the perfect opportunity to be proactive and get involved. Warwick has so much to offer and it is important to take advantage by either joining one of the 250 societies on campus or going involved in some of the local volunteering projects. You can even get ahead of the game and attend the autumn careers fair. Your choices in the first few weeks will help you to shape your university experience, so do not be shy and get involved!”


Elissa Fontaine
MSc Management

“Before coming to WBS, I had already decided to join the squash club, as I had been in touch with them to play for the team. However, I ended up joining a few more throughout the year. I finally picked up a rifle again after five years out and found the Rifle Shooting club to be extremely warm and welcoming. Aside from sports, I joined the Food Cooperative on campus; my membership gives me a range of discounts on the fresh bread, fruit and veg, snacks (including chocolate) that they bring in every week. Some of my friends joined societies that related with their culture, religions and other hobbies. We all found societies to be a good way to meet new people outside of our course and accommodation. We all also joined the WBS Society (WBSS), which is the largest independent society on campus. That way we were updated on everything from socials and balls, to job and networking opportunities. Joining societies really makes your university experience.”


Todd Gibson
MSc Business (Accounting & Finance)

“Warwick has a great community of societies that I have enjoyed thoroughly throughout my time here. Most of my close friends I met through Mixed Netball, a social sports society, but I have also met people at other sports clubs such as Boxing and Mixed Hockey. I highly recommend getting involved and making the most of your time here, it will help turn a good year into a great one. I also recommend Mixed Netball; the people are very welcoming, the socials and training is great fun and you get the opportunity to go on trips with the society throughout the year.”


Nico (Pei Lun) Wang
MSc Business (Marketing)  

"I enjoy dancing a lot and therefore most of the societies I have taken part in are dancing societies. I tried out some lessons from the Belly Dance Society, Hip-Pop Dance Society and Salsa Society. Yet I devoted most of my time to the Classical Modern Dance Society and Warwick Tap Society.

I highly recommended new starters to join sport societies not only to meet new friends but also to make the most of the time in Warwick. Being part of the society really gives you a greater opportunity to get to know people outside of your course. One thing I love about the societies here are how actively involved they are in charity work. The Classical Modern Dance Society has a series of activities including selling cupcakes, teaching free ballet lessons and special performances (mob dance), raising money for the Breast Cancer Care organisation. Warwick Tap Society also held a grand performance in term two raising over £2,000 for charity.

I would also recommend taking part in workshops from different societies. You do not necessary need to participate in every lesson; you can simply drop in when there is an interesting workshop. I take advantage of these irregular workshops to get to know more about theatre acting, backstage lighting and portrait drawing."


Andreas Feller
MSc International Business

“I was part of the Warwick Polo Club and captain of a beginner’s team. Polo is usually a very expensive sport but at university level, and especially at Warwick, it is accessible to students from all backgrounds. Polo is fascinating and requires a high degree of coordination and team spirit. I had never ridden before and I can warmly recommend students, experienced or unexperienced, to join the club. Lessons can be booked according to your academic schedule and therefore it fits perfectly with the busy lifestyle of an MSc student. It also gives you the opportunity to make friends outside the boundaries of the Business School. During my year at Warwick, I had the opportunity to participate in two Great British University Championships and several local tournaments in England and Scotland. Joining a society is a great way to manage academic stress, make new friends and be part of the university life.”

Find out more about student societies on the Warwick SU website.