Taking Advantage of Co-Curricular Activities

26 April 2022

MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation ambassador, Joy, shares how she proactively sought out opportunities to further her MSc experience.

As an international student in a new learning environment, blogs like this will help you understand, discover and navigate your terrain better. In addition to the information online, I think one of the best ways to make friends, network and build skills as a student is to get involved in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities, such as student societies, sports, travel and volunteering are a chance to participate, connect with a community of like minds and also stand out in the recruitment process.

As an MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MISDI) student, I was very keen to understand and access the UK startup sector in order to complement the learnings from my course. To do this, I took advantage of various co-curricular activities happening all over Warwick to gain new perspectives and meet people.

Innovation opportunities

One of the key opportunities I engaged with was connecting with the Warwick Innovation District (WID). I believed WID to be the centre of startup conversation on campus, the best link for Warwick students to be informed and build a connection to the West-Midlands startup scene.

Fortunately, this was correct as I learnt about the programmes, funding and mentoring, participated in the Warwick Innovation Day and connected with businesses. These interactions were helpful in securing my first work placement with a health and lifestyle startup based in Birmingham. Beyond getting a work placement, I was happy to establish relationships with people who have been helpful and continuously share opportunities with me.

I also joined the Warwick Kickstart Society as the post grad representative, supporting the team in event planning and marketing. With a focus on disruptive technology and FinTech, and students from different countries, I learnt a little about the French startup scene.

Finding opportunities

Warwick has over 250 societies that range from sports, finance, consulting, volunteering to skincare and this is a good starting point for finding activities you might be interested in. The options are broad with something for everyone to take part in and where you don’t find a society that suits your interests, you can create one. You can have a look at the societies here.

Overall co-curricular activities are a great alternative learning experience which lets you build skills and network that are applicable and relevant in future job roles so do make the most of them.

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