Why WBS is a place I am proud to call home

19 May 2021

MSc Marketing & Strategy student, Tulika describes what makes the WBS experience unique for her, from the caring community to having the opportunity to expand her global network.

The feeling of community is what truly distinguishes Warwick Business School from other business schools. Having moved around a lot growing up (I lived in 3 countries: Yemen, Sri Lanka and India) I can safely say WBS was the place that was the quickest to feel like home. This isn’t limited to just the student body, but also the faculty, support staff, and even the baristas at the WBS Café.

Sitting in a classroom in the UK and gaining perspectives from across the globe

During my time at WBS, I have made friends from diverse backgrounds and gained mentors in the form of lecturers. One aspect that enables this is the international cohort of students and faculty. At WBS I have been able to sit in a classroom in the UK yet gain the perspective of individuals from all over the world.

I came to university seeking to expand my global network which I have been able to do at WBS. I know once I graduate, I will have friends in all corners of the world. WBS in a way simulates the truly globalised nature of the business world today, which prepares us for the ‘real world’ once we graduate. WBS also places an emphasis on completing group projects, which I know might elicit an eye roll (or two), however through these group projects I have been able to work with individuals I normally wouldn’t have enabling me to expand my network.

Transitioning from undergraduate to postgraduate study

The transition from an undergraduate to postgraduate degree can seem daunting even in normal circumstances. This year we had the additional transition from a ‘normal’ learning model to blended learning – both offline and online. I appreciate that both lectures and seminars are conducted live alongside having pre-recorded asynchronous tasks. This approach best replicates the experience we would have had in person as it allows the sessions to be interactive rather than having solely pre-recorded content.

The my.wbs portal is another one of WBS’s key distinguishing attributes. This year my.wbs has been optimised further to include mini-my.wbs which is a portal designed for us to attend our live classes and along with resources that we need for those classes. This has made it so much easier for me to be organised and it goes to show the thought and care put in by the programme teams to enable students to still achieve their best given the current circumstances. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering WBS has gained accolades for having the best Distance learning MBA in the world. Therefore I knew that by doing my MSc course at WBS, I was going to be in safe hands. This is also exemplified by my.wbs having spotlighted posts on different aspects of wellbeing, like the importance of sleep, which has highlighted the feeling of community.

Gaining a holistic understanding of business and marketing

I have also really enjoyed the variety of modules and the different approaches to learning which has given me a more holistic understanding of business and marketing, thus making me more equipped to tackle challenges I might face later on in my career.  I have learnt about handy tools like R studio through technical modules like Analytics, whilst modules like Negotiation have taught me the importance of understanding emotions and storytelling in a business setting to be more pragmatic and empathetic. During my undergraduate course at Warwick, I even had a module where business ethics was taught to us through the lens of theatre and an emphasis was put on collaboration and creativity to achieve criticality.

Overall my time at WBS has been defined by the community, care and diversity which sets it apart from other business schools and is a place I am very proud to call home. 

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