What does Empowerment mean to a Chairwoman?

08 March 2022

We spoke with Gunel Musayeva, an MSc Finance & Economics alumna. She is the chairwoman of The Azerbaijan UK Alumni Association whilst also in full time role with The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan situated in the Investments department. Gunel also provides a Corporate Finance course for MBA students at Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

What inspirational message can you give to young women reading this?

It has been said that the empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. I truly believe in the power of empowerment. However, it is not something provided by external parties, the woman is empowered when she acknowledges that she is the one to take full control over her life and destiny. The woman is empowered when she does not expect any external motivation, yet she completely understands she can achieve any goal she sets through her own capabilities and she doesn't seek validation to believe in her own potential. Dear ladies, your potential, intelligence and tenacity is beyond any description. Just believe in yourself and reflect your own unique light!

Why do you support women's empowerment and gender equality?

It is an undeniable fact that if you empower a woman, you empower a family, and ultimately, the whole community gets empowered. Gender equality and women’s empowerment directly impacts sustainable development and economic progress levels of the country. Thus, I believe more empowered women living in an environment where gender equality is obtained, this will lead to a more prosperous and peaceful society.

 Why do we need more women in leadership/educational roles?

There are several aspects of the strength of women leaders that can directly improve the quality of education or the leadership of corporations. Women get physical maturity before men, they are more involved in school related issues of their children, they are usually more precise and their leadership style can be much more developed in terms of instinctual emotional intelligence etc. These are the scientifically proven qualities of women leaders and teachers that provide a solid base for explaining why we need more women in the industry.

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