Where's best in WBS to study for your Masters? 

21 March 2023

MSc Marketing & Strategy student Victor shares his top places to study effectively at Warwick Business School.

When it comes to revising, retaining large amounts of information over a long period of time can be challenging. Therefore, I have curated this study guide, to help you stay motivated and focused during the most difficult time of the school year. 

You can find the room numbers I reference via the Interactive Campus Map

How do you work best? 

Everybody’s different. The first thing you need to establish is how do you study best?  

Some might work best alone in a silent place, others might flourish by working study groups with healthy discussion. Some like to move around and enjoy different, fresh surroundings – others prefer a consistent backdrop and atmosphere.  

Whichever type of studier you are, choosing the most effective place to study in the WBS building is essential to your productivity.  

Collaborative study rooms 

Personally, I prefer a more casual setting that allows students to study effectively through collaborations and study groups.  

Although sometimes crowded during peak hours (noon–4pm), the postgraduate student lounge (WBS 0.010) located on the ground floor provides the best solution for group study. A more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere allows students to engage in casual conversations while limiting the feeling of being overly stressed or pressured. 

The PG student lounge is conveniently located at the centre of WBS, allowing easy access for students to the nearby WBS café and vending machines for their daily dose of caffeine, selections of snacks and a hearty meal. You are also recommended to bring your own meals to school, as the pantry within the lounge consists of a fridge and microwave for your convenience. 

Bookable study spaces 

Many study rooms across WBS are designed to accommodate group projects among students.  

These rooms are equipped with whiteboards, Windows desktops and projectors for effective communication and teamwork. Individuals that are looking to book these rooms should go to the postgraduate student reception located at the 2nd floor (WBS 2.002), where they are available for booking one week in advance.  

Remember to book soon after the slots are open, as they can get booked up quite quickly! 

Individual study rooms 

If you prefer individual study, the postgraduate study space (WBS 1.002) located at first floor would be a great choice for revision.  

The room has an applied low-noise policy, providing a quiet environment for concentration. The abundance of charging ports, printers and water fountains can facilitate long hours of work. Lockers are free to use for all WBS students, reducing the need for moving materials on and off campus. 

Wherever you study, enjoy it 

All of these study rooms and spaces are located in the WBS building, which is five minutes away from the University bus stop interchange, the Warwick Library and the Rootes supermarket.  

I hope you have an enjoyable time at Warwick! Don’t forget to have breaks in between your revision schedule, and good luck on your assignments and exams! 

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