Distance Learning MBA (London)

Programme structure

On your Distance Learning MBA programme, you will undertake eight required modules, your choice of four electives, and a strategic consulting project or dissertation. Each of the 12 modules should take approximately 100 hours, which typically includes a minimum of 27 hours of structured teaching (live teaching and online learning/support) and the remainder made up of guided online study, independent self-study and assessment preparation.

Required modules

Your Distance Learning MBA study programme will feature eight required modules, which are designed to provide you with a solid foundation in management, business, and leadership. In addition to this, we have integrated social and environmental sustainability factors across required modules, allowing you to address this complex, multidimensional subject from different angles depending on the discipline in which it is contextualised. 

With this grounding, you will build the skillset needed to become a successful manager and leader, and gain the skills, knowledge and vision you will need moving forward in business.

These modules are taught online and during your residential weeks. Your required modules will be taught through a combination of bespoke authored text, lectures, seminars, plus group and networking activities.

Elective modules

As well as undertaking eight required modules you will choose four elective modules from a wide choice to customise your MBA and achieve your aims. One of your four elective modules will be a required face-to-face module. You will have a range of face-to-face modules to select from which may be based at our Warwick campus, WBS London, The Shard, or at an international location. A second face-to-face module may be studied at an additional cost. Please note that module availability may vary year-to-year depending on student demand and scheduling constraints

Two residential weeks

Face-to-face interaction is an essential element of our programme so you will join us at our London base of The Shard for two residential weeks during the course. These intensive face-to-face periods of study will embed your learning, enrich your studies and allow you to grow your network. Our aim during the residential weeks is to link theory with practice and will include lectures, case studies, group work, assessment briefings, networking and social events along with careers and study skills sessions. Residential weeks typically run in March and September in your first year of study. 

Strategic consulting project or dissertation

You will have the choice to undertake either a strategic consulting project or traditional dissertation.

The strategic consulting project, which is undertaken in self-selected groups of three, focuses on practice and is based in an employment setting. The dissertation is more academic with a focus on theory, but is still highly relevant in the world of business.


You will build an in-depth understanding of leadership by focusing on three complementary areas: leading self, leading others, and leading change.

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Operations Management

Examine how operations supports the long term competitiveness of an organisation.

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Corporate Reporting and Decision Making

This module will introduce you to the key management areas of management accounting and corporate reporting.

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Financial Management

Gain a grounding in the basic concepts of finance, developing your skills in financial planning and decision-making.

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Innovation and Strategic Entrepreneurship

Develop an integrated view of innovation and corporate entrepreneurship in different contexts.

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Learn the fundamental concepts and theories of marketing that add value to an organisation, sustain that value, and can be analysed in their application in marketing practice.

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Organisational Behaviour

Build and develop analytical skills and undertake critical reflection on behaviour in organisations.

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Strategic Advantage

Develop critical understandings and insights about strategy and strategic management at the business unit level.

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Economics of the Business Environment

Develop an understanding of how macroeconomic and market contexts themselves are determined and change over time.

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Strategy & Practice

Explore the issues involved in putting strategy into practice and develop an understanding of how strategy is implemented at the individual, team and organisational levels.

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Strategic Marketing

Take a deeper dive into the strategic and operational problems confronting managers within the marketing function and explore managing in markets in the longer term from a wider perspective.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Gain a broad understanding of mergers and acquisitions. 

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International Business

Build on your knowledge of the global economic and business environment, and link this to strategies for management in changing global contexts.

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Human Resource Management

Analyse the strategic context of Human Resource Management to understand why organisations manage in particular ways.

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Modelling & Analytics for Management

Gain an introduction to modelling, and the relevance of modelling and analytics for management.

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Management Accounting

Learn to make expert use of financial and other information in managerial planning, decision-making and control.

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Leading & Managing Change

This module will introduce you to the idea of change and its significance for organisations. 

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Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation

Gain key insights into entrepreneurs and the firms they create and manage. 

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Economics of Wellbeing

Through this module you will gain a strong overview of the main theories and empirical studies of wellbeing economics. 

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Creating Sustainable Organisations

This highly practical module will provide you will a toolset for leading sustainability functions.

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Corporate Finance

This module will provide you with the skills and tools of modern finance theory. 

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In addition to your residential weeks, one of your four elective modules will be a required face-to-face module. You may select your face-to-face module from elective modules offered to our Executive MBA students at WBS London, The Shard (typically on a Friday/Saturday every other week or Friday to Monday) or at our Warwick campus (typically taught Wednesday to Saturday).

Examples of the kind of modules that may be available are:

  • Behavioural Sciences for the Manager

  • Entrepreneurial Finance

  • Financial Analysis

  • Leadership & the Art of Judgement

  • Project Management

  • Strategy & Practice

View further details on our modules at the University of Warwick and WBS London.

Alternatively, you can choose to complete your face-to-face elective module overseas, including five international modules that are offered primarily to our Distance Learning MBA participants. Examples of these include:

  • Luxury Industries and Brand Management - Bocconi, Italy
  • Leading Global Organisations - Dubai
  • Strategic Cyber Security and Cloud Management - Michigan Ross, USA
  • Managing Sustainable Energy Transitions - New York, USA
  • Design Thinking -  Aalto University, Finland

Module location and availability may vary depending on student demand and scheduling constraints.

You will have the choice to undertake either a strategic consulting project or traditional dissertation.

The strategic consulting project focuses on practice and is based in an employment setting. You will work as part of a group on the project with 10% of your assessment being based on group work and 90% based on an individual consulting report. This is your opportunity to consolidate everything you have learnt and apply it to a real business. Academically, it tests your ability to apply your learning to real management issues. Professionally, it may well open the door to your next career move.

If you choose to undertake the dissertation option, although more academic with a focus on theory, it is still highly relevant in the world of business. It will demonstrate that you can assimilate your learning, take multiple perspectives on a business issue and explore your subject thoroughly.

Previous participants have explored: 

  • Equity crowdfunding and its role in future startup and small business finance 

  • Formulating a donor loyalty framework 

  • Implementation of a knowledge management strategy in a business critical group.

How we teach

Our cutting edge technology will ensure you feel fully connected and that you never miss anything, regardless of your schedule. Teaching primarily takes place via our bespoke online learning environment my.wbs, which houses our teaching materials, interactive spaces and our online classroom: wbsLive. Easy to use, my.wbs enables interaction in lectures, discussions and syndicate groups. It also allows you to test yourself, to access lessons and lecture recordings, submit assignments and to connect with other students and academics. 

  • Face-to-face module - In addition to the residential weeks, included in your tuition fee is one face-to-face elective module, with teaching typically taking place over four or five days. You may have the option to take further modules face-to-face at an additional cost
  • Teaching team - Each module has a teaching team of subject specialists to support you online. They will facilitate wbsLive sessions, moderate online discussions and make sure you are up-to-date with subject-relevant topical information
  • Study materials - You will receive tailor-made multimedia study materials with additional reading and resources. You will also have timetabled webinars throughout each module. You’ll also be able to access video interviews featuring our faculty and inspirational business leaders 
  • Exclusive online business insights - Our interactive study materials are supplemented by free online access to business and management journals and the extensive University of Warwick library which includes business databases such as Mintel, Amadeus, and Statista.

Learning facilities 

Our online learning platform, my.wbs, lets you take control of your learning, access webinars, participate in group work and communicate with your lecturers and Programme team. 

For each module, there is a dedicated welcome page with a text introduction and welcome video from the module leader providing you with an overview of which topics will be covered.  

Every module consists of nine lessons and is delivered through a mixture of text, video, screencasts (audio over slideshow), activities, webinars and assessments. You can even test yourself with multiple choice quizzes and receive immediate feedback to keep your learning on track. You will also work with your group online. Additionally, for most modules, you will have access to the core textbook online (you will be given an ebook to be accessed via your digital bookshelf). Much of the online content is downloadable and can be viewed whilst travelling. 

my.wbs is built to be compatible with a wide range of types and size of device, all you will need is an internet connection and up-to-date browser versions to access learning materials. For the best experience our recommended computer specification is shown at https://warwick.ac.uk/compspec. my.wbs works well on any modern iOS or Android device.