Global Central Banking & Financial Regulation qualifications

Programme structure

Built with the industry professional in mind and delivered by academics from WBS alongside policy experts from the Bank of England, the Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation qualifications have been designed to introduce you to the latest evidence led and practice informed financial regulation and monetary policy.

Due to the modular nature of the Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation programme, there are four qualification levels, allowing you to choose a level best suited to your needs. You may wish to initially commit to a single module and later complete further modules in order to build up to a higher qualification level. You may also choose to begin your studies in either October, February, or June each year.

Postgraduate Award

  • To achieve a Postgraduate Award, you can choose a single module to study and gain advanced insight and knowledge in 17-weeks.
  • As a guide, you can expect to spend approximately 11 hours studying per week. You will learn through a variety of teaching methods including lectures, guest speaker sessions, video interviews, live webinar sessions and written documents.
  • This option is perfect for those seeking to build their professional development in a specific area and over a short period of time.

Postgraduate Certificate

  • To achieve a Postgraduate Certificate you will need to complete three out of the seven online modules.

Postgraduate Diploma

  • For a Postgraduate Diploma you need to complete six of out the seven online modules. 

MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation

  • To gain an MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation you will need to complete six modules and the Research Methods and Dissertation module.
  • This option is perfect for you if you are looking to develop a holistic understanding of central banking and the wider financial environment and develop your career.

Money, Banks and Macroeconomics

Starting February 2024.

Explore the fragilities in fractional reserve banking, the role of the central bank, and the weaknesses caused by the shadow banking sector.

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Financial Markets and Financial Risk Management

Starting February 2024.

Explore the fundamental concepts of international finance, emphasizing the operation of the spot and derivative securities in international markets. 

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Monetary Policy and Monetary Analysis

Starting June 2024.

Investigate the analytical and empirical tools available from macroeconomics and econometrics to understand the role of monetary policy and how it is implemented.

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Financial Regulation and Supervision

Starting June 2024.

Study the rationale behind financial regulation and supervision: what are the market failures regulators are addressing, and through the use of which tools.

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Comparative Central Banking

Starting October 2024.

Discover why central banks have different mandates, objectives, governance and operating procedures.

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Financial Conduct, Leadership and Ethics

Starting February 2025.

Learn how to build an ethical leadership capacity in critical areas of banking, and in particular financial conduct.

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Research Methods and Dissertation

This module aims to allow you to synthesise, apply and extend the knowledge that you have gained through your previous modules.

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Your online platform, my.wbs

Our MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation is delivered on the same bespoke online platform, my.wbs, as our Distance Learning MBA, which the Financial Times ranked as 1st in the world in its Online MBA Ranking 2022.

Each module has a dedicated welcome page, providing you with an overview of which topics will be covered, and will feature a variety of teaching methods including lectures, guest speaker sessions, video interviews, live webinar sessions and written documents.

Additionally, where modules have required reading, you will be provided with direct links through the module materials, allowing you immediate access. my.wbs is built to be compatible with any type of device, all you will need is an internet connection and an up-to-date browser to access learning materials. It is recommended that you use headphones, a microphone and a webcam to contribute to webinars.

If you intend to access the programme from a workplace you should ensure that you will not have access restricted by organisational firewalls or policies.

What is it like studying online?

You will be taught through my.wbs, which is our bespoke interactive learning platform that enables you to have discussions in real time, engage in lectures, test your knowledge, watch session recordings, access teaching materials and interact with your study group. The best way to describe it is like being a part of an online community. The great part about studying online is that it allows you greater flexibility and enables you to work at a pace that suits you. It is a fantastic way to be able to work and apply your learning directly to your current role in order to ensure maximum impact.

In terms of each module, we estimate that students will require 11 hours of studying per week, however this can vary greatly. The materials are accessible from the beginning of the module so that you may study at your own pace. There is an online community, which is a great opportunity for you to network with your fellow students, as well as typically four webinars via our online learning platform,, these are live tutorials for each module.

Are there any live teaching sessions?

Typically there are four webinars, which are live tutorials, within each module, so you will have the opportunity to engage in live teaching sessions on the programme. This is also a great opportunity for you to network and engage with your peers on the programme, and provides the chance to ask questions and offer support and guidance to one another.

How many years can I complete the course over?

The course is structured so that you can complete within three years, however, if you wish to advance this, you may study two modules at once and complete within two years. This is something which we are able to discuss with you. Your dedicated programme team will be able to offer support in terms of the best options if you are wanting to shorten the duration to ensure you are still getting the maximum learning experience out of the MSc. You will have a maximum of 5 years (including Temporary Withdrawal) to complete all levels of qualifications (PGA, PG Cert, PG Dip and MSc). 

How will I be assessed?

Your learning will be assessed through a variety of methods. These may include online timed assessments, and individual written assignments or reports.

Programme details

This programme is suitable for those looking to evidence their knowledge, gain insight or develop their career in central banking or financial regulation and seeks to spread the best thought leadership in financial regulation to central bankers, financial regulators and all finance professionals in the global financial industry.  

It is 100% online and delivered on the same bespoke platform, my.wbs, as our Global Online MBA which the Financial Times ranked as 1st in the UK and 2nd in the world in its Online MBA Ranking 2023. 

In addition to the programme material you will also benefit from access to a range of optional online careers resources including an online Career Management module and resources covering topics such as Pay Negotiation and Interview Simulation. Please contact us for more information.