MSc Management

Programme structure

The MSc Management course combines compulsory and optional modules across the three terms of your one-year course.

Right from the start, our modules encourage you to think of business as a whole, and the need to pull together the ideas and people it takes to succeed, whilst also considering how to lead and manage the changes that businesses must make to keep ahead. Our modules dive deeper into these approaches.

Our modules

In your three terms at WBS you will study six compulsory core modules, three optional elective modules, and complete your individual dissertation. Our optional modules cover a wide range of topical business subjects, inviting you to dig deeper, look broader, or a bit of both!


How you'll be assessed

You'll be assessed by a mixture of individual and group assignments, and examination.

Business Immersion & Critical Thinking

The overall objective of the module is to support students’ transition from a non-business undergraduate focus and only initial experience in the workplace, into graduates with the ability to bring together the different skills and knowledge needed to understand and manage organisations as a whole.

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Leading & Managing Change

Develop an understanding of some of the challenges faced by leaders and managers within an increasingly volatile organisational environment.

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Customer Value Management

This module will give you an understanding of how customer value is created, offered, and delivered by organisations, enabling you to deliver products and services that provide value to customers.

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Foundations of Financial & Management Accounting

Gain a comprehensive introduction to financial reporting and management accounting.

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Strategy Analysis & Practice

This module will provide you with a foundation for, and a critical assessment of, theoretical and empirical approaches to strategy.

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These are indicative optional modules which may vary year-on-year.
Marketing through Social Media

This module develops an understanding of how brand managers can access and use social media channels as part of their marketing strategy in order to build brand presence and maintain relevance in the life of their customers.

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Managing Human Resources in Contemporary Organisations

Through this module you’ll be introduced to a range of debates that are central to the human resource management and employment relations field.

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Governance and Corporate Responsibility

Understand the wider institutional location of business activity within the polity and the society.

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Digital Working & Organisational Transformation

You'll gain a broad understanding of the tools and organisational arrangements driving the shift towards digital working, and learn the techniques and frameworks to operate effectively in this more dynamic and fluid work environment.

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Leading for Innovation

This module aims to develop a greater understanding of how to foster an innovative work environment.

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Project Management

Look at project management methods in a modern context, spanning a range of sectors and applications.

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Behavioural Economics

You'll be introduced to the ways in which economists and psychologists have used behavioural theories and experimental methods to provide extensions to, or alternatives to, the conventional economic wisdom covered in the first term module Fundamentals of Economic Behaviour.

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Digital Marketing Technology & Management

Gain an overview of how today's firms use digital marketing practices to achieve their business objectives, giving theoretical and practical subject knowledge and understanding.

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Forecasting for Decision Makers

This module will train you in the key methods that aid decision making when managers face an uncertain future.

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Corporate Finance

Get an introduction to the principles of Corporate Finance and learn how the basic tools and techniques of modern finance theory can be applied to analyse and improve the investment and financing decisions of the firm.

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Design in Business

Gain an appreciation of the roles of design within a business context.

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Digital Business Services

Focus on how digital technologies enable organisations to offer digital services that aim at improving customer experience as well as firm performance. You'll be prepared to engage with technology-related conversations in the modern workplace.

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Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing

This module aims to develop an understanding of entrepreneurs and the firms they create and manage.

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International Business

Build on your knowledge of the global economic and business environment and link this to strategies for managing in changing global contexts. 

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Business Analytics for Managers

This module will introduce you to the theory and practice of conducting business analytics projects.

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Case Studies in Data Science & Economics

This module will provide you with training in applying data science methods to contemporary economic problems, giving you the opportunity to conduct a data science project using economic data.

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Marketing Analytics

Challenge your thinking about the appropriate and inappropriate use of customer data for strategic decision-making.

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People & Organisations

Through this module you will be introduced to key theories and research concerning the behaviour, leadership, and management of people and organisations.

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Strategic Human Resource Management

The aim of the module is to provide you with a deep understanding of this strategic role of human capital management and the tools with which to analyse and manage it.

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You'll synthesise, apply and extend the knowledge you have gained in the taught component of their course in this 6,000 word dissertation.

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Research Methods

You'll be equipped with the knowledge and general research tools to correctly execute a project such as that required of a masters dissertation.

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Our online platform

Our unique online learning platform my.wbs will act as the hub for your learning experience, hosting all of your teaching materials, key information from your CareersPlus and Programme Teams, and our online classroom: wbsLive.

Your learning experience

Teaching and assessment will vary to fit the subject being studied. Our faculty have designed your learning experience to fit the subject being studied, with a variety of teaching and assessment styles. 

Your teaching will take the form of lectures and webinars, supported, where relevant, by guest speakers from industry to balance theory and practice. 

Your learning will be assessed by a mix of exams, individual assessments, group work, project work, and tests. Group and project work will enable you to collaborate and gain new perspectives from your international cohort, preparing you for working in teams within a global work environment. 

Your career in management starts on day one of the course

Immersing yourself in the world of business to gain the skills needed as a successful manager means building upon your communication, teamworking, and presentation skills through both individual and group work. How you analyse and address the business challenges we present you with will develop your personal and professional skills in decision-making, problem-solving, analysis, and critical reflection. We offer you opportunities to get a real sense of the business world with site visits, external speakers, talks from our Professors of Practice and from senior business and industry practitioners.

Foreign Language Study

One of the great benefits of the MSc Management course is that it includes free foreign language study in the evenings during your first term. This is an opportunity to develop the basics of a new language. There is a choice of six different languages, all at beginner-level (please note we are not able to offer classes at intermediate/advanced level). Please note that this is a compulsory element of the course.  

International Study Weeks

You can also apply to join one of the international study weeks to gain an awareness of international business culture through first-hand experience. In recent years we have offered study weeks at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Madrid, Rome, and the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Places on these study weeks are optional and limited, and students will be able to partake in an application and selection process to take part once they have begun on the course. Please note that the flights, accommodation, teaching and company visits for these trips will be funded by Warwick Business School for successful students.