4th Innovation in Information Infrastructures (III) Workshop

Building on previous experiences (in 2006/2012/2014 in USA, Scotland and Norway), this workshop will focus on innovations in digital information infrastructures. Digital infrastructures herald a new stage in the evolution of digital information systems, reflecting the fact that digital technologies have become deeply socially embedded, and are coordinated through diverse sociotechnical worlds and standards.

We encourage conceptualizations of processes of dynamic innovations in digital infrastructures. Specifically, because of their reconfigurable nature, digital infrastructures enable new capabilities to be added after a product or a tool has been designed and produced. An illustrative example is digital infrastructures for mobile phone applications. In this case, dynamic innovations are accomplished through the establishment of the digital infrastructure (e.g. Android platform), which enables innovations by third party developers to be integrated into the platform in a continuous symbiotic relationship.

Although, the emphasis is on digital infrastructures, we acknowledge that solid information infrastructure concepts and sound methodological approaches must take into account the much broader nature of infrastructure phenomena. Building on the tradition of historical studies of infrastructures, such as electricity networks, we also encourage conceptualizations of information infrastructures as political sociotechnical networks that require collective action and governance.  

We call for contributions that focus on either the special theme on innovations in digital infrastructures or the general theme on information infrastructures based on empirical research in relevant settings, such as aviation and transportation, automotive, banking, cloud computing, healthcare, the internet of things, and social media.

Panel Discussions

  • Innovations in digital market infrastructures

Chair Robin Williams (Edinburgh University)

Mark Darbyshire (SAP)
Mark Skilton (PA Consulting & University of Warwick)
Youngjin Yoo (Temple University)
Rajiv Kohli (College of William & Mary)


  • Innovations in digital government infrastructures

Chair Kalle Lyytinen (Case Western University)

Alberto Di Felice (Government Affairs Europe)
Bendik Bygstad (University of Oslo)
Mark Thompson (Methods Group & University of Cambridge)


This workshop will bring together researchers with a genuine interest in theorising information (and digital) infrastructures and developing methodological approaches to study them. We anticipate contributions based on empirical research from public and private sector, and from a range of different industries and domains and we call for contributions related to, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • innovations in digital infrastructures
  • the transformation of social and work practices through such innovations
  • the impact of such innovations on individual and social identities
  • the design, development and implementation of information infrastructures across different settings (e.g. e-health, e-justice, supply chain, etc)
  • the governance and control of information infrastructures
  • digital cities
  • the Internet of Things
  • auditing and surveillance
  • the security and privacy of personal and other data shared through digital infrastructures
  • information infrastructure standards
  • methodological challenges in studying information infrastructures


We accept short papers (3 to 4 pages) within the deadline. They must be submitted as Microsoft Word files as email attachment to infrastructureinnovation2015@gmail.com

Please use "submission" in the subject field and indicate the name of the author(s) in the filename (e.g. NielsenHanseth.doc).


Important dates

Deadline for submission of short papers:  July 15th 2015 (new)

Decision of acceptance:                           August 15th 2015 (new)

Final program available:                          September 25 2015

Workshop:                                             October13 to 15 2015

Registration Date

Please register early as there are limited spaces. Contact person: Alison Solman, alison.solman@wbs.ac.uk


All participants should book their own accommodation well in advance through

Warwick Conferences www.warwickconferences.com Tel. +44(0)2476573692


Presentation Guidelines

All presenters will have a maximum of 30 minutes allocated to their papers. We recommend spending up to 20 minutes for presentation and allowing for 10 minutes of discussion from the audience. Presenters are welcome to use their own laptops or to upload their presentation on the computing facilities provided.


Workshop Committee

Panos Constantinides (Warwick Business School)

Ola Henfridsson (Warwick Business School)

Joe Nandhakumar (Warwick Business School)

Ole Hanseth (University of Oslo)

Eric Monteiro (Norwegian U. of Sci.and Tech.)

Robin Williams (University of Edinburgh)

Jannis Kallinikos (London School of Economics)

Margunn Aanestad (UNivesity of Oslo)

Will Venters (London School of Economics)

Carsten Soreensen (London School of Economics)

Paolo Spagnoletti (LUISS Guido Carli University)

Bendik Bygstad (University of Oslo)

Kalle Lyytinen (Weatherhead School of Management)

Nick Berente (Terry College of Business)

Youngjin Yoo (Temple University)

Joan Rodon Modol (ESADE)



The University of Warwick

The British Academy 



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