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20 May 2016

Good tech versus bad tech

Free Event • Registration Required

Good tech versus bad tech - How technology design will change business strategy

Join the Warwick Technology & Energy professional networks at our joint event on Friday 20th May 2016 at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

We live in times where technology is invading everywhere and creating brand new opportunities but also introducing new risk and governance issues for policy , business strategy and individuals alike. Following the recent examples of the Apple versus FBI case over personal data privacy; the win by AlphaGo versus the grand master in GO, to the UK government plan to roll out smart metering nationally in the UK this year and the intervention by government security to add additional security protection to prevent hacking, these are suggesting a shift in the connecting power of technology that is pushing beyond human experience into uncharted consequences. We are now growing past the early innocence of Moore’s law that is not just hugely powerful computing and data storage and global networks but a scaling out and new intelligence that is challenging the very basis of human rights, jobs and competitive behaviors.

This session  brings together a diverse set of speakers around this central emerging question of technology power versus governance and rights and discusses what should businesses need to do to address possible near futures of work, automation and this convergence around faster rapidly changing  business strategies  and disruptive dilemmas.


5:30pm Registration & Welcome Drinks

Introduction to the disruptive convergence of  data privacy, connectivity and intelligence

  • Dr Xiao Ma - Personal data economy – Hub-of-all-things
  • Prof. David Elmes - Integration of Energy Demand and supply management implications
  • Mike Brooman - Managed Services, AV Systems, Smart Buildings
  • Dr John Oyekan - Digital Manufacturing – VR , AR, Computational Intelligence  
7:30pm  Panel debate
8pm   Networking 
8:30pm  Close 

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// With

Mark Skilton
Professor of Practice, Warwick Business School BIO

Dr John Oyekan 
Research Fellow, Manufacturing Informatics Lab, Cranfield University 

Dr Xiao Ma
Senior Research Fellow, Warwick Manufacturing Group 

Mike Brooman, CEO, Vanti BIO


David Elmes
Professor of Practice, Warwick Business School  BIO


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Friday 20 May 2016, 17:30 - 20:30

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024 765 51613

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