KIN Masterclass: Knowledge Risk Assessments and Audits

Knowledge Risk Assessments

The aim of this interactive workshop is to explore the idea of ‘Knowledge Risk’ and how an organisation may go about managing it.

Loss of key knowledge through staff attrition can have significant impact upon your organisation. Assessing and monitoring knowledge loss risks should typically be part of a KM strategy or embedded with broader business processes such as succession planning. This workshop will explore approaches to Knowledge Risk Assessment; comparing some established approaches and taking an opportunity to compare and discus the experiences of attendees.

Learning Points
  • What Knowledge 'Risk' is and the potential impact on organisations of knowledge gaps or knowledge loss
  • Challenges and approaches with regard to knowledge risks
  • Example approaches to Knowledge Risk Assessment
  • Exploration of a variety of knowledge risk factors and types
  • Mitigating the impact of Knowledge Loss
  • Tools and techniques for conducting KRAs
  • How Knowledge Risk assessments can be integrated with other Knowledge Management and business processes
  • Opportunity to share current challenges and approaches with other workshop attendees
Who should participate
  • Knowledge Managers
  • HR and Talent Managers
  • Knowledge workers
  • Knowledge Leaders
  • Learning & Development Managers
  • Department Leads & Line Managers
  • Operational Managers