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17 June 2020

KIN Summer 2020 workshop - Innovation during Adversity

Free Event • Registration Required

Innovation During Adversity

We are all experiencing immense change to our work, and to our organisations, they are evolving and innovating faster than ever. This workshop will focus on experiencing different practices that will help us develop the right environment, culture and foundation for innovation to continue even through these turbulent times.

This is our first fully online workshop and will involve a good balance of listening to experts, experiences activities and discussing with peers the most important elements and plenty of breaks.

Our speakers will cover the following topics -

  • Culture, resilience and why big companies find it so hard to innovate by Claire Hartnell of People Diligence The onslaught of CV19 is forcing many organisations to reconsider their operating models. This is disruption on a massive scale and businesses are scrambling to adapt. But what can you do to make innovation and adaptation less of an emergency response and more of a way of life in your team
  • The art of listening to your community by Serena Snoad of Alzheimer’s Society will share insights on the role of community manager, how to sharpen listening skills, and the benefits of applying a listening approach in community engagement during Covid 19.
  • Make the Market – Why KM is essential to Innovation and how to mobilise your community via crowdsourcing for speed by Rosemary Nunn - Head of Commercialisation and Innovation – University of Greenwich and Managing Director, I&K, the Innovation and Knowledge Agency

Learning Points
  • What cultural changes are needed to create innovating companies?
  • What can leaders do to enable innovation to flow
  • How can best listen and respond to our community, our colleagues and our organisations.
Who should participate
  • HR and L&D strategists focusing on practice to support innovating
  • KM strategists building future orientated organisations
  • Innovation leaders developing new approaches
  • Business leaders needing to adapt their companies quickly and sustainably
  • Leaders responsible for creating the physical environment for innovation

// With

Organised by KIN facilitator: Nancy Kinder

// Where

Online via wbsLive

// When

Wednesday 17 June 2020, 11:30 - 16:30

// Contact
024 765 23914

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