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09 June 2021

Red Team Thinking: Make better decisions, faster.

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In the complex world in which we all now operate, the promise of ‘Agile’ and the myriad new ways of working... aren’t quite working. New ways of working need new ways of thinking. Iterative decision making, plans with optionality, critical thinking and deliberate disruption are not only key enablers, but essential to survive in this VUCA world. 

Learn about all this and more with the tools and techniques of Red Team Thinking®. 

Red Team Thinking is the world’s leading provider of decision support red teaming for business. Their military-trained red team leaders and experienced business strategists help companies of all sizes make better decisions, create a culture of innovation, and better understand the future.  

By showing you how to think differently about your business, they can help you become a disruptor in your industry – rather than one of the disrupted. 

Join us in this live session for: 

  • An overview of the problems facing organisations attempting change in a VUCA world (Agile, Leadership, Culture) 
  • A brief history of Red Teaming 
  • An overview of the science and psychology behind this revolutionary method 
  • An introduction to the tools and techniques of Red Team Thinking 
  • How to enable critical and contrarian thinking without fear of reprisal 


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Marcus Dimbleby is the Vice President at Red Team Thinking®.  A former military officer and red teamer, Marcus retired from the Royal Air Force in 2013. In his final tour, he worked closely with the Cabinet Office and SO15 to create and execute the air security plan for the 2012 London Olympics. After leaving the RAF Marcus moved into business, initially working for a global consultancy, before moving on to lead major business transformations in the financial sector. As an enterprise coach, he focuses on enabling leadership to deal with the complexity of today’s business environment. 

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Online via wbsLive

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Wednesday 9 June 2021, 13:00 - 14:00

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