How can Neuroscience help with financial misconduct?

Should we have foreseen the UK PPI scandal, and could the country’s mortgage market be next? The answer is all in the mind – the brain to be specific.

How to predict which financial markets are vulnerable to misconduct is an open question. There have been many studies into this area but, until now, none have examined the role of neurology, ie what was actually firing in the brains of those London traders when they fixed the LIBOR rate – the inter-bank interest rate which determines interest rates for financial contracts around the world – that came to light in 2012.

This area of science just might be the key to a model that accurately predicts the link between misconduct and market competition.

And we show how this insight can be used on the road to creating a heatmap for Financial Misconduct.

This online lecture will be delivered by Dr John Thanassoulis, Professor of Financial Economics at Warwick Business School, University Of Warwick.

In October 2017 John became a Panel Member for the UK Competition and Markets Authority.  He is the lead academic responsible for the strategic partnership between the Bank of England and the University of Warwick, and is the Course Director for the MSc Global Central Banking & Financial Regulation.  He is also a member of the Senior Management Group on the WBS Executive Board.