Gillmore Centre Webinar Symposium on Natural Language Processing

Gillmore Centre Symposium on Natural Language Processing Research to Drive FinTech: Now and Next

Hosted by Dr Dan Philps Gillmore Centre Honorary Research Fellow

Speaker:  Prof. Yulan He, King’s College London, UK

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies have become increasingly popular to be used to gain insights into unstructured textual data in the finance domain. In this talk, I will present recent developments in NLP for (1) automatic construction of hierarchical topic taxonomy from a large-scale text corpus; (2) named entity recognition and financial event extraction from text; (3) sentiment analysis including sentiment classification, aspect-based sentiment analysis and contrastive opinion extraction; and (4) end-to-end NLP approaches for trading signals prediction. I will conclude my talk with an outlook on potential NLP technologies that will shape the future of FinTech.