Gaining competitive advantage with behavioural science

Executive Diploma Taster session:

Taster session: Gaining competitive advantage with behavioural science

The application of behavioural science in product design, marketing, leadership, management, recruitment, and workplace design is crucial to the success of modern business.

In this talk, you can explore examples and insights for business from the exciting field of behavioural science.

Key aspects we will cover include:

  • Ways in which your organisation's products can be designed and marketed more efficiently using a better understanding of people’s perceptions of value, choice and their sense of personal ownership.
  • The importance of workplace wellbeing in your organisation and how this fosters greater productivity.

Many of the insights and tools discussed are low-cost to implement and yet can have significant returns.

Join us for an introduction to how you can use behavioural science for competitive advantage. And raise your game.

Any organisation ignoring this knowledge will see themselves being left further and further behind.

Executive Diploma Open Event:

Are you looking for new ways to raise your game? Are you ready to invest in your business or personal development?

"A Warwick Business School Executive Diploma gives you the tools and frameworks to make the best of your professional goals and to be more productive in your business environment."  - James Montgomerie, Executive Diploma alumnus

Explore how an Executive Diploma could support your career development at our online event, which includes:

  • Welcome and introduction to the Executive Diplomas
  • Taster Lecture
  • My Warwick experience: Q&A with current and past participants