In Person Advent Access International MBA Fair in Abu Dhabi.

Meet a member of our MBA Recruitment Team and get personalised advice at this MBA Event in Abu Dhabi.

Our MBA events are designed to provide you with an opportunity to discuss your career and development aspirations. Our Recruitment Team will give you personal guidance on which of our MBA programmes would be best for you.

The MBA programme is available to study full or part-time, with study options available in London and Warwick, and has been designed for the Change Makers that want to have real impact. The Warwick MBA will enable you to discover new thinking, access global networks, and give you the knowledge and skills you need to transform yourself and your career, whichever study format you choose.

Meet with our team and let us help you to make an informed decision about the best route for you.

Please note the times stated for this event are in local time.

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