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In this latest episode of a seven-part series in conjunction with the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology we are looking at blockchain's potential impact on banking.

Blockchain has been billed as potentially a huge disruption to the financial system, removing the middlemen for instant transactions.

Recently JP Morgan announced it is using blockchain in India and bypassing SWIFT - the global system used by banks to transfer payments - and there are others like French investment bank BNP Paribas, which has announced it will begin looking at how blockchain can be applied to its currency funds and for order processing.

While the Nasdaq stock exchange has said it is working with blockchains to "reduce the time, costs, and points of friction across the capital markets."

So where is all this heading? Will it be the end of exchanges and SWIFT?

Host and former financial journalist Natasha de Teran discusses these questions and more with Ram Gopal, Director of the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology, and Martin Walker, Banking & Finance Director at the Centre for Evidence-Based Management.

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