Junning Peng
Current doctoral researcher
PhD Business & Management

The academic aspect is one of the reasons I choose to pursue my PhD at WBS. Long before I entered WBS, I was told that the School had one of the world-leading behavioural science groups. The group is led by scholars with various backgrounds, and they have published world-influencing research and also written interesting introductory material about behavioural science.

One thing I really enjoyed is the weekly Brown Bag seminar, organised for PhD students to present their research and gain feedback, even if it’s only an initial idea. WBS also provides multiple PhD development seminars, which aim to develop our soft skills, such as presentation communication, publication processes, and interview preparation. Another thing I really enjoy is the annual social event — Behavioural Science Networking Night (BSNN). In this event, we get to meet dozens of organisations and institutions which are currently dedicated to applying behavioural science to the real world, such as behavioural consulting. Through the event, we get the opportunity to learn the needs of each organisation and seek further collaboration and employment opportunities.