Dean Wilson
Global Online MBA (2023 - 2025)

With a diverse military career spanning multiple roles, nearly half of my professional journey has been overseas. Presently stationed with one of our international partners in the Middle East, this experience has instilled in me a profound global perspective. I am deeply fascinated by the intricacies of global dynamics and have actively pursued opportunities to immerse myself in diverse cultures.

With a continuous drive to learn, I was searching for the next challenge after my MSc in International Relations. I’ve always known that an MBA was an option as it would significantly improve the gaps in business knowledge that I knew I would carry as I came closer to my time to leave. I subsequently reached out to some ex-service personnel who were in the process of doing or had completed an MBA.

The veteran community on LinkedIn is fantastic and after several really helpful calls, I knew that the Global Online MBA from Warwick Business School (WBS) was the one for me - it is highly rated, fits with my global outlook, and has opportunities to specialise with overseas face-to-face modules. Which is the best bit – the ability to meet like-minded people from around the globe engaging in an incredibly interesting, and challenging, subject!

While I've worked across multiple countries, with many different cultures and languages, working within an online group on this global MBA has truly been the most diverse experience of my career. This is also the reason why I chose the programme- the sun never sets on the WBS MBA classroom.

Balancing the MBA against all my other commitments can be a challenge sometimes. However, with some planning, it’s achievable. Balancing military responsibilities with MBA studies requires careful planning and dedication. We all have the same amount of time, just different commitments to it. I manage my time by planning out a typical week through time boxing, setting aside dedicated periods for MBA focus - crucial in effectively managing other commitments against the workload.

I have already used insights from my first module to influence change on my current project in the Middle East. I’m also hoping to attend the module on ‘Leading Global Businesses’ in Dubai, which will really fit with my post-Army career aspirations. I am genuinely excited to continue this journey, embracing new challenges and interacting with my international classmates.