Mark Libby
Distance Learning MBA (2021-23)

I decided to study the MBA to enhance my skill set and achieve a wider understanding of the business world. WBS instantly attracted me by reputation, but the way in which programme representatives became interested in my journey confirmed this was the best course for me. It was clear from initial conversations staff were vested in me as a person.  

My career is currently in transition as I explore new direction. This is a very exciting time and the scope of the course has developed many practical skills, as well as promoted, encouraged, and facilitated much personal reflection. I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time and, though challenging, the environment is encouraging, supportive, and engaging. 

The workload can be demanding at times, but the flexibility of the course has allowed me to structure study around other projects. This is an important factor for me as I keep exploring new opportunities. All of the content has been extremely interesting and stimulating, and it has been fascinating to build knowledge on a range of topics beyond my usual field. I feel refreshed, with new perspectives and a wider understanding of the world enhancing my ability, initiative, and confidence. 
My biggest discovery has been the value of the peer group. Working and studying alongside professionals from many backgrounds around the globe has really developed my cultural and emotional intelligence. I have learned so much from others on the course, both in a technical sense but even more so in less tangible areas of group interaction, leadership, and effective collaboration. The main prize has most certainly been the networks, relationships, and friendships bonded through our shared journey. It is a real privilege to be part of such a dynamic and exciting group. 

I aimed to gain a highly regarded qualification through the Warwick MBA, but it has proved to be much more than academic content. As a person I have grown and developed, my character shaped by many stimulating challenges, self-reflection, and continual interaction with inspiring individuals. The conversations shared and facilitated on the course enhances the way you think. I feel far more confident, equipped, and dynamic as a result, understanding myself better.