Peter Tautscher
Global Online MBA (2023- 2025)

Studying the MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) has been an extremely enriching experience so far and it’s a journey I am extremely excited to be on. I would describe myself as ambitious, interested, and impatient; three traits that benefit my MBA studies.

Ambitious in my career and life, I want to reach C Suite level and I feel the MBA will support that goal. Interested in knowing more about everything, the MBA learning reaches far beyond the confines of business administration. Impatience, whilst a trait that is not always good, gives me the impetus to push myself and not rest on my laurels.

Beyond that, I currently work in the dynamic electric vehicle market as a Project Manager at Polestar. Once I had identified that I wanted to pursue an MBA, only one place came to mind on where I would do this. Having already studied a master’s degree at Warwick, I knew the quality of teaching and the pedigree was going to be top-notch. The greatest endorsement I could give Warwick is coming back and studying again!

Besides my natural bias, WBS is a leader in the online MBA field, with both the flexibility the Global Online MBA offers as well as the opportunities for modules abroad. To date, it has more than lived up to standard. The community at WBS is fantastic, with extremely diverse cohorts in each year. An absolute highlight so far was Residential Week, where we all met in person for the first time having studied online together for four months. This has augmented the experience and has completely changed the online experience for the better, as you now know the characters behind the keyboards of your fellow students.

The CareersPlus team have been excellent. There is so much support and they have every base covered; from progressing in your current job all the way to moving industry, role and country! I am hoping to move industry and I feel the MBA opens doors and I have the support here to help me make that move.

The MBA requires hard work, dedication, and motivation; balancing life is tough. The impact of an MBA is far beyond the certificate you receive at the end, you build relationships, challenge yourself and find new things out about how you work and what motivates you. It’s enlightening. One tip I would give to prospective students is to not worry about the stress or the work that’s required, focus on the motivation behind why you want to do this. Is this something you value and feel deep down will make you a better person and enhance your career? If so, this experience will positively impact your life in so many ways.