Ruvan Beytell
Global Online MBA

I have 10 years' background in mining project execution and I made the decision to study an MBA in order to advance my career. I was first attracted to Warwick Business School (WBS) thanks to it’s world class MBA, and I ultimately chose it due to the flexible studies that help to balance work and family life. I would not have been able to pursue this degree without the flexibility, so this was very important to me and WBS have provided exactly what I needed.

I have been impressed with the mentorship program and career consultation services. Online lessons are very good and self-explanatory. Face to face modules are great, but difficult for me to attend due to distance. The real-life application of assignments and taught material is a great way to learn. Please never change this! The support team at WBS are always helpful and accommodating and make the entire experience an absolute pleasure.

Time management is the biggest challenge of studying an MBA. You will push yourself to read a little faster, sleep a little less and afterwards may just learn what your capable of if you apply yourself.

My advice for anyone contemplating an MBA? Just do it, not just for the knowledge you will gain or how it will change your thinking, but what you will learn about yourself.