Saranya Udayakumar
Global Online MBA (2023- 2025)

Juggling a demanding career at Boeing India, managing a family, and pursuing personal growth can feel like an impossible feat. But the Global Online MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) provided the perfect solution for me. Here's why:

Flexibility for the Global Professional: As the Sales & Marketing Manager at Boeing India, my schedule is anything but predictable. The Warwick programme's online format allowed me to learn and engage with world-class faculty and a diverse cohort, all on my own terms. I could access lectures and complete coursework during flexible hours, ensuring I never missed a beat in my professional or personal life.

Global Network, Local Impact: The programme connected me with a vibrant network of international classmates. We exchanged insights on global business practices, fostering a truly international perspective that I now leverage in my role at Boeing.

Sharpened Skills, Real-World Application: The curriculum provided a rigorous mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application. I was able to immediately apply the learnings to real-world challenges at work, enhancing my strategic thinking and leadership skills.

Investing in Myself, Investing in the Future: The Global Online MBA wasn't just about acquiring a prestigious qualification; it was an investment in my future. The programme equipped me with the tools and confidence to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape.

Are you a busy professional seeking to elevate your career while maintaining a healthy work-life balance? Look no further than the Global Online MBA at WBS. It's a life-changing experience that will empower you to achieve your professional goals within your comfort zone.