Zelda Sales
Global Online MBA (2023 - 2025)

I am 39 years old and have worked for the same company for 17 years. I decided to pursue an MBA as I wanted to see what doors would open for me.

I was first attracted to Warwick Business School (WBS) as I knew the MBA was very highly ranked by the Financial Times. I was also attracted by the course structure of the Global Online MBA and the face-to-face aspect of the Residential Weeks. I ultimately chose WBS due to the great reviews, and because I couldn’t find any other course which offered the face-to-face aspect.

The flexibility of the course and support from staff has been one of my highlights of the course so far. I was diagnosed with cancer a month before I enrolled and was able to defer my start date by 6 months. The flexibility allowed me to undergo surgeries and I expect to still complete the programme in the minimum time of 2 years.

The journey so far has been incredible because of the inspirational people who go on the same journey with you. The networking opportunities with people from other industries has been really good for me - the forums create a sense of community and interesting conversations.

Studying for an MBA has taught me so many things about myself and I have met incredibly inspirational people and made friends for life, with whom my path would have never crossed otherwise. The workload is a lot, but the course structure and flexibility allow you to maintain a good balance and the module content and format is brilliant.

In addition, the sessions with the CareersPlus team have opened my mind and helped me realise that there are many open doors ready for me to look inside. I am looking for a transition to a different role and whilst I am not in a hurry, I have become very comfortable in my role and I am ready for a new chapter with help from the Global Online MBA. 

My one piece of advice to anyone considering an MBA? Doing the MBA has taught me so much of what I do not know and it is a journey as from day 1 you learn things that can be applied in your everyday job and everyday life. You learn from people from all industries so my one piece of advice is to take the leap, not only to change career or advance in your job, but to discover opportunities you may not be aware exist.