Andrea Ong
MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (2020 - 2021)

I applied for a place on WBS’ MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovations course during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite concerns about not getting the full experience due to lockdown restrictions. This ended up being the best decision I could ever have made!

I was lucky to meet a brilliant mix of friends, both on my course and in my Claycroft residence. Although we all came from very different backgrounds and cultures, we shared a passion for learning, working hard, and enjoying ourselves. It was great to have that family feeling in our halls during lockdown. We cooked meals together, went grocery shopping together and even made a makeshift theatre in the kitchen for movie nights.

Aside from the invaluable education I received at WBS, my time here taught me the value of life and how to be happy. For that, I am eternally grateful.