Chloe Shum
MSc Business with Marketing

I am Chloe, and I am from Hong Kong. I first came to the UK in 2015 to study my A-Levels, and did my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Language Sciences at UCL. Straight after graduation, I joined WBS to study MSc Business with Marketing.

As the name suggests, the course consists of business and marketing modules, with the option to study two elective modules in Term 2 and Term 3. Therefore, aside from my specialised modules in marketing, I have also managed to gain basic knowledge in accounting and finance, as well as economics. There is an option for students to choose between Dissertation or Business in Practice in Term 3, with the latter involving a two-week business simulation in the automotive industry.

What first attracted you to WBS, why did you choose to study here?

Undoubtedly, WBS is one of the top business schools in the world, which is primarily why I was attracted to WBS. I was also fascinated by the course, which provides a great balance between business modules and marketing modules. As I don’t have any prior academic knowledge in business or marketing, this course is exactly what I needed before pursuing a career in marketing. Throughout each term, there is a mix of business modules such as Strategy Analysis and Practice, as well as marketing modules such as Service Marketing. I have also been able to make friends with people outside my course, because the business modules are taught with other courses which has been an amazing experience!

Aside from my academic studies, the location of WBS is perfect as it is close to big cities such as Birmingham which is just 20 minutes away by train. There is also lots to explore in Coventry as well, such as alpaca farms and go-karting. The campus itself is spacious, particularly in the summer, there are many areas where students can just lie in the grass for picnics and enjoy the sun.

What would you say are the key things that sets WBS apart from other schools?

The level of expertise from teaching academics. All of my professors have a very strong academic background and practical experiences, thereby providing me with rich information and knowledge on their specific field.

There is also a great diversity of students from across the globe, with the course providing various opportunities for students to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and learn from each other.

Finally, the academic support. WBS gathers feedback from students for each module and constantly improve on the teaching material to ensure students’ learning is as comprehensive as possible. 

What is the best thing about your course so far?

I have been fortunate enough to meet so many different course mates from all around the world through group projects and I have made long lasting friendships. Despite the pandemic, our teams have been able to work well over video meetings and we have managed to get really good grades too! Aside from that, there was a marketing simulation as part of Strategic Marketing module which I found very interesting and useful. Our team had to make decisions on various aspects on a weekly basis, ranging from branding to finance, which gave me an unforgettable experience and practical knowledge on how marketing works in the real world.  

What is your favourite module?

My favourite module so far is Service Marketing. The lecturer has made the module particularly interesting. The module covers customer experience, looking at how different firms attempt to differentiate themselves through the services that they provide, which is an aspect that I have never touched on or even thought of. The seminars supported the lectures well, as we were given a chance to apply experience-management frameworks taught in class to practical scenarios. The seminar readings were also very relevant, as they were mainly about firms from different fields such as Disney, and they were always interesting to read. For assignments, we were also given the freedom to choose any company of interest.

What has inspired you most throughout your studies at WBS?

The motivation and determination of my course mates has inspired me, as well as the academic support that WBS has provided. Having worked with several different course mates in different modules, I realised a similarity between them – they all have a strong work ethic. Their determination reflected in each meeting has inspiried me to work harder no matter what difficulties we may be facing, and to challenge any problems collectively. The support that I have received from professors and seminar tutors have also encouraged me to keep going, and I really appreciate their willingness to help solve students’ queries or problems.

What sort of support have you received so far from the CareersPlus team?

The CareersPlus team has given me valuable advice on how to improve my CV. I had two short meetings in Term 2, and both advisors have given me detailed comments on the structure of my CV and the content. Moreover, they have provided me with career guidance including recommendations for the type of jobs applicable to me and my degree, and several links that help with CV checking, and the availability of jobs at the moment. With the help of the careers team, I have managed to provide concise information about my working experiences and even fit them into one page!

What do you aim to do once you graduate?

At the moment I haven’t got a job offer yet, but I am actively looking for job opportunities in Hong Kong and London. I am interested in digital marketing, but I have also recently found management consulting an area that I would like to explore. I am currently looking for internship experiences to try out different industries or roles before I decide on a full-time job. 

What are your tips for getting the most out of an MSc for those starting in September?

Be proactive and ask questions when in doubt. When studying for an MSc the amount of independent study expected of you is higher than an undergraduate degree. I would also recommend that students prepare for the lectures and seminars beforehand and could prepared with some questions. It is also crucial to read around the topic to gain more in-depth knowledge in preparation for module assignments.

What top tips would you give to prospective MSc students who are deciding if WBS is the right place for them?

First of all, read through the course details on the WBS website to make sure the modules covered are what you are interested in. Second, keep an eye out for any future events such as online information sessions, virtual open days or live chats, and ask questions or chat with our current postgraduate students to gain further insights into the course or the campus life in general. Last but not least, check out WBS blogs written by students and staff to understand more about WBS including student insights and career support.