Eloho Oru
MSc Business with Marketing (2018 - 2019)

I am an international student from Nigeria studying MSc Business with Marketing. I was initially attracted to WBS because of the prestige of the business school, and I can definitely say that it lives up to its name. From my very first day, it was clear to see the amount of effort the academics and non-academics put into ensuring that all students have the best quality experience whilst studying at WBS. The extensive range of module options and opportunities available to students is just of the many advantages of coming to WBS.

I believe that completing my masters at WBS has helped me to push my academic and personal boundaries. The group work and support from our programme team ensures that all students’ needs are catered to so that we can perform at our best. My favourite thing about WBS has to be the diversity of my classmates, the unique blend of personalities and nationalities inspires me and excites me every day as I am always learning something new.

Just like most things in life, WBS is no walk in the park and it can be a stressful time. The support from personal tutors and the incredible help from the CareersPlus Team is something I will always be extremely grateful for. I am so glad I have the best team to support me on this eye-opening journey, as I aim to pursue a future career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.