Fuhad Ogunsanya
MSc International Business (2020 - 2021)

The level of support I received from the WBS programme team and my fellow coursemates during my first term cannot be underestimated and helped me to feel a lot more at ease in my new surroundings. I also discovered that almost everyone had the same challenge, which made it a lot easier to relate and assist one another.

Additionally, I have enjoyed the quality of the online delivery and the teaching styles. The seminars are what I regularly look forward to because it gives me an opportunity to network, brainstorm and engage with individuals in my cohort who come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds.

By the nature of my course and having to regularly interact with my coursemates, I have developed a high level of multicultural intelligence skills. In Term 1 my group consisted of 7 people from 5 different countries - Malaysia, Nigeria, China, Greece, and India.

Collaborating with my coursemates has definitely broadened my perspective on life and increased my network of friends. Besides discussing our studies, we sometimes talk about our aspirations and views on topics in the international world of business such as politics, sports, and technology which enables us to learn new knowledge from one another.