Gunel Musayeva
MSc Finance & Economics (2019 - 2020)

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and the course you are studying. 

After graduating from high school with golden attestation and a golden medal awarded by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, I continued my education in Turkey. I hold a bachelor’s degree in International Finance and my minor is Economics, and I have also completed an MSc in Finance and Capital Markets. I am now at WBS pursing my second MSc in Finance & Economics. I have been away from home for 8 years, exploring the world and enhancing my capabilities through education to become an expert in my field. 

What first attracted you to WBS, why did you choose to study here?  

Along with vigorous academic qualifications, WBS also provides an international environment full of highly skilled, intelligent and interactive students. I have always enjoyed being a global citizen of the world and this was a crucial factor in my decision to apply to WBS. 

Why did you decide to study MSc Finance & Economics? 

From my understanding, there are very few experts in the field who truly understand the link between finance and economics. Therefore I decided to study Finance and Economics to provide me with vigorous theoretical and practical knowledge in both these fields that will bolster my ability to contribute to this particular field not only in my own country but globally. 

What has been your favourite module so far? 

I have personally enjoyed my second term modules the most as I find them more practical, I have also enjoyed the group projects which have allowed me to learn and compare different theoretical approaches. 

What have you enjoyed so far from your time at WBS? 

Even though our course is very demanding, and I have a heavy workload, I have really enjoyed being part of such an international environment at WBS where I have embraced diversity. Being surrounded by such intellectual, diligent and enthusiastic students with high initiative and entrepreneurial mindsets is particularly remarkable. 

Are you part of any societies/sports clubs? If so, can you tell us a bit about them?  

I am a member of the Warwick Consulting and Warwick Finance Societies and the mindfulness course. I also enjoy playing tennis, badminton and squash at the Sports and Wellness Hub. To take a break from my studies I enjoy walking around campus and making the most of the amazing nature that surrounds the campus.  

What are your tips for getting the most out of a masters for those starting in September? 

I would definitely suggest that you make a list of all the things you would like to do when you start your MSc, from personal activities to travelling. Once you begin your studies it can be challenging to manage your time between your studies and extra-curricular activities, therefore if you have a plan it will help you to remain on track. I would recommend that you are open-minded and engage in the amazing opportunities available to you. 

What three words would you use you describe your WBS journey so far? 

Intense, rigorous, worthwhile.