Jayesh Saraf
MSc Business with Operations Management (2019- 2020)

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and the course you are studying.

I am originally from India and I completed my undergraduate degree with a specialisation in Marketing. I have worked within the fields of entrepreneurship and marketing which created a solid base for my understanding of the business world. I have always found the field of business operations and supply chain management interesting and wanted to pursue this interest further, therefore I decided to apply for the MSc Business with Operations Management course at WBS. I felt the course provided a high-level mix of technical and practical knowledge which would enable me to delve deeper into this specific field and expand my expertise.

What first attracted you to WBS?

I was attracted to WBS as it provides a myriad of specialised courses, and the Business School is renowned across the world. I wanted to study at WBS because the MSc Business with Operations Management course provided a great array of optional modules for me to tailor my studies to my particular interests. I found the recruitment process for applying to WBS to be very smooth, and I was provided with a great level of support and communication from the Masters Recruitment Team before I joined.

What would you say are the key things that sets WBS apart?

One of the key things that sets WBS apart from other business schools is the energy and determination exuded by the students which motivated to work as hard as I could from day one. I have found that at WBS it is never a competition to better than one another but every student has the desire to grow on both a personal and academic level. In addition to this, the approachability of the teaching and administrative staff at WBS creates a real sense of community. Unlike most institutions where a divide exists in the hierarchy, WBS breaks the norms as students are always put first.

What is the best thing about your course so far?

The best thing about my course so far has been the group work which has enabled me to learn from my classmates. At first the emphasis on group work did slightly worry me, however, I soon found that working with my classmates who are from all over the world and have many different ideas, perspectives and viewpoints is definitely a positive process and can produce some of the best work. I have also found the structure of the course to be very consistent. I like the fact that coursework is spread out across each of the terms instead of being crammed into the last few weeks which helps to keep me on my toes. I have also really enjoyed the opportunity to visit organisations and see how the knowledge and concepts I have learned throughout my course are applied in a real working environment, bringing the subject to life.

What is your favourite module? What do you cover on this module?

My favourite module has been ‘Operations Analytics’; although the course title is not particularly appealing the module has taught me a lot about the importance of numbers within business, from analysing cost structures to predicting prices for a product.  The module has also taught me that everyone within business needs to have an adept knowledge and understanding of analytics.

What has inspired you most throughout your studies at WBS?

The constant support and encouragement by my lecturers has inspired me throughout my studies and I feel my course has enabled me to discover more about myself.

What sort of support have you received so far from the CareersPlus team? How has that helped you?

The CareersPlus team at WBS have always been very approachable, and provide lots of useful support materials which are personalised to your needs. I have found that applying for jobs has been a lot easier for me due to the support of the CareersPlus team. They have also helped me to prepare for face to face interviews, video interviews and assessment centres which are now an imperative part of the recruitment process for many companies.

What do you aim to do once you graduate?

After I graduate I am planning to start a new venture in India, based around the concept of public Wifi connectivity. On recommendations of the CareersPlus team, I have attended several entrepreneurship workshops and summits at the University of Warwick and I have also worked alongside a few entrepreneurs on-campus to enhance my business skills.

What are your tips for getting the most out of an MSc for those starting in September?

The main tips that any student needs to know to make the most of their MSc are:

  1. Stay updated with the events that place on and off-campus. I would recommend you make a list of the events that you want to attend and align with your future career goals.
  2. Convert your idle times into opportunities to learn more about yourself and your interests by joining one of the many sports clubs or societies available on campus.

What top tips would you give to prospective MSc students who are deciding if WBS is the right place for them?

I feel privileged to have worked alongside some of the finest young minds in the world during my time at WBS. I feel that the environment at WBS breeds talent and creativity and enables you to learn more about the key knowledge and skills you will require in the competitive world of business.