Judith Toluwanimi Oladapo
MSc Accounting & Finance (2019 - 2020)

My decision to apply to Warwick Business School (WBS) following my undergraduate degree was fuelled by my desire to pursue my Master’s programme in a world-renowned institution that cares about its students and employs a practical mode of teaching. I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills in the finance world, with specific interests in the capital market, and the MSc Accounting and Finance programme at WBS showed high potential for that.

Saying that coming to Warwick Business School has been an extremely positive life-changing experience would not be an understatement. The scholarship, the business endorsement and the invaluable support I’m still receiving today from WBS are benefits that cannot be accessed at just any institution.

Warwick Business School has encouraged me, validated my endless hard work, cleared my doubts and most importantly, reaffirmed to me that I can achieve anything I dream of if I put my mind to it. I’m a proud University of Warwick and WBS Alumni and I won’t stop fulfilling the promise I made in my master’s application personal statement, which is to add to the current stars of the institution.