Julius Boehmer
MSc Business Analytics (2018 - 2019)

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you studied. 

I am studying MSc Business Analytics where I have got to know some amazing people and have become equipped with a number of highly sought-after skills. Having an international background, I enjoy the multicultural environment that WBS provides as well as the exceptional and interactive quality of teaching from all my professors.  

What first attracted you to WBS? 

The strong position of WBS in various rankings was certainly a factor in my decision to do a Masters here, but the course content of the Business Analytics programme was perhaps most important to me in my decision. I felt that the programme embodied a good mixture of my interests in Management, Analytics and Programming. I had studied Management for my undergraduate degree and I wanted to make the most out of my one-year Masters. I felt I could achieve this at WBS with the selection of modules available and the numerous analytics skills I have acquired, strongly positioning me wherever my future career path may take me. 

What was the best thing about the course?  

I particularly enjoyed the consulting style group presentations throughout the programme which allowed me to apply the very theoretical lecture material in a real-life scenario and present the key implications to stakeholders. Not only did this solidify my learning and shape a truly analytical mindset, the group work setting also challenged my communication and leadership skills, going beyond pure academia.  Lastly, the multitude of resources available like free access to Datacamp or additional courses for industry-leading tools like Alteryx or Tableau were highly interesting and emphasised the career preparation focus of our course. 

What inspired you most throughout your studies?  

The practical case examples in almost all of my modules certainly inspire me the most, as the business context provides me with a much clearer understanding of the course contents. This also makes the group work exercises almost ‘consulting role-play’ which I find is much more fun than essay writing. 

What sort of support did you receive from CareersPlus? How has that helped you? 

The WBS CareersPlus Team provide guidance throughout the year and really care about each student on an individual basis through the daily drop-ins or one-to-one career coaching. Additionally, free access to CV resources like VMock allows me to refine my CV. 

What are your tips for getting the most out of a masters for those starting in September? 

I would recommend future students engage with the many societies available at WBS and across the university. Secondly, I would recommend finding likeminded people to share ideas with, this can be extremely useful leading up to exams. Working closely with other students is motivating and gives you the opportunity to work on practice questions and past papers together making revision much more interactive and engaging.  

For future students I would definitely recommend writing an external consulting project as part of your programme, it may mean more work but you will be rewarded by the real-life impact your project can have. The external consulting project provides a great opportunity to increase your network and allows you to create a strong foundation of study of a single topic which is very fulfilling.