Leila Shora
MSc Business with Marketing (2020 - 2021)

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and the course you are studying.

Holding a degree in Tourism from University of Economics, Prague, and having several years of work experience, I eventually realised that my interest lies in marketing, partially thanks to marketing-related tasks that I came across at work and during volunteering. Designed for students with diverse backgrounds, MSc Business with Marketing offers a perfect combination of modules that allow you to get a solid grasp of the subject in one year. Studying marketing at master’s level will not only enrich my knowledge but also help expand my limited experience in PR and social media marketing and aid me with propelling my career forward.

What first attracted you to WBS, why did you choose to study here?

I opted for WBS thanks to personal recommendations from some of WBS alumni, which immediately placed the WBS into the list of my top choices. Moreover, prior to applying to WBS, I had the chance to witness the infrastructure of Warwick University’s campus, thus, I had no concerns that outstanding level of teaching was supported by excellent studying and living conditions.

What would you say are the key things that sets WBS apart?

What has especially stood out to me at WBS is the friendly and attentive approach to students. Not only was the Masters Recruitment Team very helpful and informative making the process of my application fast, straightforward, and basically ‘a walk in the park’; but the Masters Programme Team and other departments were equally as helpful when I have come in contact with them throughout the year.

Also, I find the location of WBS advantageous. Situated in the outskirts of Coventry, the combination of nature and physical infrastructure creates a unique ambience of the University and strong sense of student community, providing a pleasant environment for studying, living, and spending spare time.

What is the best thing about your course so far?

If asked what the most valuable aspect of my studies has been in this pandemic-affected year, I must say I have been enjoying the interactions with lecturers a lot. Not only are the professors professionals with numerous published research papers and real-life professional experience, but also humans who understand the unusual conditions of teaching this year and put extra effort into encouraging students to extract the most value from the lectures.

Another aspect that has significantly contributed to my positive experience at WBS is acquiring skills required in today’s realities such as the use of software platforms such as Microsoft Teams for group meetings, seminars, and various community interactions as well as practicing upgraded features of traditional Microsoft Office apps (e.g. collaboration options in PowerPoint).

What is your favourite module?

My favourite module is Marketing, which can be viewed as the heart of the course, despite being supported by all other modules. It serves as a gateway to the entire marketing field covering the essence of all elements facilitating a decision on future specialisation. Acquiring comprehension of the marketing management process is challenging yet fulfilling. Learning about marketing analysis, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and marketing mix contributes to completing knowledge gaps and forming an entire picture of the marketing field. Apart from a common way of learning such as case studies, the teaching process includes watching video commercials, which, combined, helps to grasp concepts more effectively.

What has inspired you most throughout your studies at WBS?

Each time when approaching a new concept I could not help but wonder how much there is to learn before one can feel being somewhat knowledgeable about a particular topic. The understanding that the offered information is just a tip of an iceberg has inspired me to read research articles beyond a module’s suggested reading list, benefiting from the University’s access to nearly any book and research paper that has ever been published. My willingness to acquire as much theoretical knowledge as possible before returning to professional activities has motivated me to study more while having the opportunities for discussions with professors and peers.

What do you aim to do once you graduate?

Upon my graduation, I do not have a particular role to return to since I have changed my professional direction. I have started the MSc Business with Marketing course having decided that I want to pursue a career in marketing research, therefore, I plan to apply to organisations where I will be able to develop necessary skills. When choosing an organisation and a role, I will focus on development prospects rather than the level of financial rewards. I feel that working in marketing research will allow me to have my finger on the pulse of trends and findings in the marketing field, while enjoying the research process itself.

What are your tips for getting the most out of an MSc for those starting in September?

It cannot be stressed enough how beneficial in-advance preparations for upcoming lectures are. Although the workload piles up quickly once a term starts, I would highly recommend spending some time on reading assigned material for lectures and seminars. It makes a big difference in the level of quality and ease of absorbing new material when one knows what topic will be covered and is already acquainted with some basics of new concepts.

Studying is also simpler when one regularly makes an effort into putting newly acquired knowledge in order. It is easy to get lost in large amount of information and losing links between concepts. Frequent revisions help with gaining an understanding of the direction and purpose of a module.

What top tips would you give to prospective MSc students who are deciding if WBS is the right place for them?

It is advisable for prospective students to examine professors’ research areas and their published papers since lecturers partially focus on their areas of expertise as additional material to a subject’s basics. Although sometimes it is not possible for an external party to know who a lecturer next term is, the information published on the website can still be considered to be reliable most of the time.

Reading the WBS blogs is an indispensable source of all kinds of information about WBS. There is no simpler and more straightforward way of learning about WBS than getting first-hand information from students themselves. Even though one can say that “so many men, so many opinions”, it is possible to get a grasp of what constitutes WBS in reality after reading several opinions.