Medha Kurana
MSc Business Analytics (2021 - 2022)

The journey of studying a Masters is full of highs and lows, fun but challenging, daunting yet exciting. But it is an experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life. I have had so many memorable moments at Warwick Business School (WBS), like burning the midnight oil and doing group work with my peers from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Every day was always like a stream of fresh ideas. I had so much fun brainstorming with them and working together to blend the ideas in the best possible manner.

Moreover, I will never forget the exciting time I had during the trips and social events organised by WBS. The dreamy winter ball, cosy BBQ evenings, visit to the Christmas markets, Warwick Castle, Stratford Upon Avon, and most enthralling Alton Towers. All these experiences gifted me with some amazing friends, stronger bonds, and an overall wholesome experience that I will cherish forever.

My advice would be to enjoy the journey more than the destination. Embrace the challenges that come along your way, get out of your comfort zone, discover your strengths, build lifelong connections, focus on the knowledge and skills you are developing and always try to look at the bigger picture when feeling lost on the way. A combination of hard work, patience, and consistency would work as the magic ingredients for a successful year at WBS.