Pierluigi Rossi
MSc International Business (2018 - 2019)

What first attracted you to WBS?

The variety and the number of business management masters offered by European Universities and business schools is overwhelming. To stand out, institutions need to create educational paths that can be tailored to one’s interests and skills sought. WBS does exactly so, offering an unmatched range of core and optional modules that enabled me to design my very own learning experience.

At the same time, WBS is a world-class research-intensive business school, which allows me to have direct access to the brightest minds pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field. Research breakthroughs are embedded in the teaching and students are encouraged to challenge new ideas with their critical viewpoint.

However, what first attracted me to WBS is its international reputation. I knew that studying at WBS would have given me access to an engaged international alumni community, and recruiting network that would have perpetuated the value of an MSc far beyond academic content for many years to come.

What was the best thing about the programme?

The best thing about the programme in terms of skills acquisition is group work. Group work projects are challenging, and learning how to create a robust synergetic team is fundamental to perform well. At WBS you have the chance to tackle complex problems every day in a structured environment, which allows me to practice and improve my persuasion skills also to strengthen my empathy and continuously challenge my beliefs.

What inspired you most throughout your studies?

The biggest inspiration at WBS is students themselves. Here you are surrounded by high achievers from extremely diverse backgrounds. Every conversation turns into moments of inspiration and self-reflection.

What sort of support did you receive from the careers team? How has that helped you?

The CareersPlus team is exceptionally well qualified with direct experience in the industry. They provided me with crucial insights into the world of recruitment, and how to efficiently and effectively plan my next career move. From CV checks to mock job interviews, as well as personal career coaching has supported me in the process of securing a graduate job.

Did you use the sports centre, visit the Arts Centre, attend club nights on campus, or have any hobbies you enjoy?

Warwick is a vibrant campus community. Throughout the year I've attended a wide variety of events related to Politics, Economics, Technology, and Business such as the Warwick Economics Summit. These events are perfect occasions to stimulate my intellectual curiosity and offer great networking opportunities.

Can you tell us about your career plans? What’s next for you?

At Warwick, I had the chance to widen my horizons, and better understand where I want to be, both in the short and the long term in my career. I'm currently exploring various opportunities in data analytics consulting both in the UK and abroad. I want to be my career as international as possible, and I aim at specialising in a particular field after gaining exposure to multiple industries.

What are your tips for getting the most out of a masters for those starting in September?

My advice to future students would be that you must be mentally prepared for a challenging experience, and take it as a year of self-improvement. Don’t settle for average results and aim at the top. WBS offers all the support you need to achieve your full potential both in terms of infrastructure and people. If a Masters is what you want, then fully embrace the experience from day one. Do everything you can to exit your comfort zone, and form strong bonds with students outside your circle throughout the year. You will never have the chance to exponentially expand your network with quality connections and friendships in your life again as you’ll have here.