Sharanya Ullal
MSc Business & Finance (2022 - 2023)

WBS has amazing teaching and support staff - each department and cohort have personal tutors with whom you can schedule meetings and discuss any potential issues, concerns, or anything at all. These tutors are mostly WBS alumni, so their advice is tried and tested by them personally.

I find the staff extremely approachable and helpful across the board, they really care about us as individuals. They understand we may all have varying problems or difficult situations to navigate throughout the year, and are flexible and empathetic in granting extensions to help each of us achieve our goal. 

Better still, there are so many extra-curricular opportunities on your doorstep. My advice would be to check out the 300+ Warwick societies, enjoy the state-of-the-art Sports and Wellness Hub, and dance the night away at the Terrace Bar! And if you’re having struggles, small or large, I’d recommend making use of Warwick’s Wellbeing and Student Support offering.

It’s a free service, and offers one-to-one appointments in whichever format suits you best – face-to-face, virtually, over the phone or by email. They also run regular workshops with advice and guidance on wellbeing, and managing time and workload.