Shutong Liu
MSc Accounting & Finance (2018 - 2019)

I feel that the programme offers a good combination of accounting and finance modules along with a diverse range of optional electives providing the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your chosen field. 

One year ago, I applied to WBS because I was attracted to the close relationship between business activities and academic studies which I feel WBS offers particularly well. My former major is accounting; I believe that accounting, as a social science subject, is meaningful only when it is associated with society. I tend to investigate the stories behind accounting standards and rigid frameworks. WBS demonstrates the wonderful picture of accounting to me.  

The best aspect of the programme for me is the group work as it will be necessary for me to work effectively within a team for my future career. Considering modern society has attached great importance to group work. WBS asks us to work together and alongside classmates who we may not be familiar with. The process of getting to know one another and dealing with different points of view is truly inspiring and allows us to share knowledge with one another. A work that cannot be finished by a single person, can be achieved by a team. 

The WBS CareersPlus Team provide access to the latest recruitment information and practical interviewing skills. I have attended various workshops such as how to write a CV where you are guided by career coaches. There are a variety of careers fairs that the WBS CareersPlus Team organise such as the financial banking fair and the Chinese employer fair. The fairs have provided the perfect opportunity for me to gain access to various employers and help me to determine my future career plans. 

The MSc Accounting and Finance programme provides me with the chance to improve myself. A proper balance between study, life and job-finding is the key to maximise the value of the whole programme.