Teresa Simone
MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation (2017 - 18)

Coming from an undergraduate in Economics with Law, I was trained to study a lot of theoretical and technical subjects. To be more versatile and well prepared for my future career, I wanted to top that with a more practical academic experience, exploring other areas that I had never engaged with before and that are extremely important nowadays, such as innovation, big data, business intelligence, crowdsourcing, new technologies.

Warwick Business School’s MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation seemed to be the right choice, given its world-class reputation and the fact that it’s a diverse environment where learning is very much based on group work and development of practical competencies and skills, whilst still keeping a good level of theoretical knowledge.

Lectures by visiting staff were particularly interesting, as guest speakers were always business people working in top companies and consulting firms who would drive us to think outside the box to solve real problems.