Wenjun Li
MSc Finance & Economics (2018 - 2019)

What first attracted you to WBS?

The first thing that attracted me to WBS was the course itself. I studied Economics for my degree level study but I am also interested in Finance and would like to enhance my financial knowledge. WBS combined these two together which completely meet my needs. The compulsory modules perfectly covered the key material and the elective modules were very diverse allowing me to select modules according to my personal career goal. In addition, WBS is the top business school in the UK and it is one of the target business schools for UK and Chinese companies.

What was the best thing about the programme?

Professors deliver high-quality lectures and seminars with the opportunity to ask questions and share information with your classmates.  I have found this to be really helpful to ensure my full understanding. The course is accessed by different methods and one of them is group work which I have found not only strengthens my understanding of theories but also improves my ability of interpersonal communication and sense of responsibility. WBS provides great infrastructure, learning spaces and extra support which allow us to conduct our group work and exam revision more effectively. WBS provides a compulsory software programming course that allows me to put theories into practice. The programme is indeed challenging and stressful but WBS always offer help and assistance.

What inspired you most throughout your studies?

Group work has inspired me a lot. The collision of ideas leads to a deeper understanding of knowledge. During exam revision, I like to study with my classmates which I feel is an effective way of deepening my understanding. 

What sort of support did you receive from the CareersPlus team? How has that helped you?

The WBS CareersPlus Team provides lots of support to help me become more competitive in the job market. WBS invite alumni to share their experience, providing us with the opportunity to ask questions directly to them in respect of the employment market. WBS holds many job fairs to motivate me to learn more about different companies and know where to aim. The university also invites many Chinese companies which is really helpful for students to learn more about the Chinese market. The team provide CV enhancement, mock job interviews, careers workshops and one-to-one guidance. I really appreciate the support the WBS CareersPlus have given me as it has increased my self-confidence and motivation.

What are your tips for getting the most out of a masters for those starting in September?

WBS provide finance booster online courses during the summer and I would advise future students to consider taking this course as it is a very comprehensive refresher course and helps you to build a solid foundation of knowledge before embarking on a masters programme. I would encourage future students to take advantage of the very professional CareersPlus Team who are able to provide great advice and support. For students starting in September, I would encourage them to join societies and attend as many events as possible to enrich their studies.