Sanskruti Jain
Graduate Audit Trainee, KPMG
BSc International Management with Finance (2018 - 2022)

My journey at WBS has been absolutely splendid. I remember joining WBS as an introvert without having any idea about how I would develop both professionally and personally from being a part of the WBS community.

I believe that finance can open the door to thousands of exciting opportunities. Every decision that we make surrounds finance. This is what attracted me to pursuing a career pathway in this area so that I could delve deeper and understand what different roles it can play in the finance world. The BSc International Management course at WBS is designed in such a way, that you can see how finance is used in accounting versus the way it is used for trading or for understanding the consumption nature of an economy. The course modules bring you face to face with the world of finance from your first year and beyond allowing you to gain a clear insight into the global financial world which is what attracted me to apply for the course.

The way this course is structured is incredible. Your first year gives you a glimpse of finance in a more foundational way wherein you can find out which field of finance interests you the most. Following that, in the second year, you can choose your own modules and even mix them up a little by choosing law or design thinking. Being able to have a choice on what you study opens you up to other subjects, helps you combine finance into that, and enhances your learning curve by sharpening your mathematical and technical skills.

Coming to Warwick University as an international student marked my first step in studying abroad. During my first year, I went on an exchange for six weeks in the summer to Cambodia through AIESEC (volunteering society at Warwick). I traveled alone, made a global family, and adapted to the Khmer style of living. By the end of the exchange, I was speaking their language. This journey made me realise that studying abroad would not merely expose me to numerous cultures, but will additionally provide me with such prospects that will help me do something for society in the future.

Overall, my year abroad experience was a journey that enabled me to rediscover myself. Traveling by myself, adapting to a new study environment, exploring diversity both through my academic studies and personally, accepting myself just the way I am, and challenging my home culture are just some of the key highlights of my year abroad.

The past four years at WBS have been an incredible journey where I have rediscovered myself, made new friends every step of the way, overcome challenges, and learned to adapt to new situations which I feel will be key skills for the rest of my life.