Randeep’s journey of change

Throughout his life Randeep has been surrounded by Change Makers. Passionate entrepreneurs, driven business leaders, and smart investors. And now he is one of them.

A successful Angel investor and Board Director, he’s driving change by investing in innovative digital start-ups and technologies to address some of society’s biggest challenges, from the next generation of AI virtual assistants, to apps that combat loneliness and social isolation.

Inspired by his family’s business, Randeep always dreamt of running his own venture one day, but he never expected to be in the position where he could pursue so many exciting and potentially life-changing enterprises.

Studying for an Executive MBA at Warwick Business School was the key to realising his dreams, elevating his considerable business knowledge and experience to that of a strategic and commercial leader, and opening the door to new career possibilities and opportunities.

Stay focused on the things you're most passionate about in life – that leads to the most happiness

Having completed his first degree in computer science, he enjoyed a successful career as a developer in media businesses and tech start-ups. An analytical problem solver, with an affinity for fast-paced, creative, experimental environments, Randeep thrived in entrepreneurial settings. With a strong knowledge of corporate dynamics and drivers he had a deep understanding of the workings of business and how to transform operations, but he lacked the financial experience and commercial acumen to make the transition from doer to director.

Randeep said: "My experience at WBS definitely helped shape my career as I found the entrepreneurship element of the programme so interesting and valuable. It was the first time I had gained an understanding of venture capital and investments. This insight really broadened my horizons and encouraged me to be open to different career options."


Randeep gained his first taste of entrepreneurship as a boy working in his father’s restaurant. Instilled with a strong work ethic from a young age, he worked and studied hard, and always had bold ambitions for his future

Over the course of his career Randeep developed a solid technical, product and strategy background across international businesses. Starting at T-Mobile he designed and developed key propositions, tools and applications for their European markets before setting up his own business, and then becoming a board member for multiple mobile payment start-ups advising on strategic development, business strategy and partnerships to drive next phase of growth.

But he always wanted to push himself further, so he decided to embark on an Executive MBA at Warwick Business School. "A friend had completed the Full-time MBA programme and thoroughly recommended the experience – it's always good to have recommendations from people you trust when making such a big decision."

Look to enhance your skills and strengths, and push yourself to the next level

"Having started a company before studying at Warwick, I was at the point in my career where I wanted to undertake executive learning to enhance the skills I already had, and push myself to the next level. Quite simply, Warwick's Executive MBA programme is one of the best and the programme gives candidates a lot of flexibility, which was really appealing to me", said Randeep.


The Executive MBA programme supported Randeep's development in a number of important ways. It equipped him with knowledge and insights across different areas of business and entrepreneurship that he hadn't been exposed to, such as investment strategy. WBS was an environment where he could explore new thinking and try things practically that he may have thought twice about before. "It allowed me to be more open to opportunities outside of my comfort zone. If I hadn't had gone to WBS I would have thought twice," said Randeep.

Try new things and make mistakes. They'll only make you stronger

As well as honing his strategic leadership skills, the global nature of the programme meant he could connect with a diverse network of people from many different countries and backgrounds, providing him with the opportunity to engage with new voices, new viewpoints, and new ideas.

"You meet such a diverse group of people. There's such an amazing breadth of nationalities and cultures," said Randeep. "I loved the time I spent on campus as I met so many interesting people who I wouldn't normally have had the chance to get to know. The face-to-face classes were also a real highlight as I learned a huge amount, not just from the WBS academics, but also from my course mates."

These varied experiences have supported Randeep to get to where he is today and unlock his full potential. His first opportunity after WBS was defining. Randeep said, "When a venture capital opportunity came across my path, I grabbed it with both hands."


Today, he's involved in many different businesses and projects, whether that's playing the investor, the advisor, the mentor, the incubator. What unites his interests is a common purpose to do good in the world, create stronger connections, and make people's lives better and happier.

Among his many projects, Randeep is working with music superstar will.i.am to develop a new generation of digital assistants at Will's company I.AM+, using artificial intelligence.

Randeep was working at T-Venture, the Deutsche Telekom Venture Fund, when he first met will.i.am after leading an investment in his new firm. The opportunity to then join the business formally as Chief Revenue Officer was music to Randeep's ears.

"It's a very exciting product, targeting a massive opportunity. It will be a real leap forward in terms of technology and experience."

Alongside his work with will.i.am, Randeep spends much of his time as an Angel Investor, selectively backing early-stage start-up companies. He also advises start-ups that he believes have the potential to succeed and could benefit from his guidance. Finally, he helps to incubate new start-ups that aim to solve big problems. "I love helping businesses grow and achieve what they've set out to do" said Randeep.

Change requires the right people and the right platforms

The recent investment he is most excited about is a new app, Belong, which aims to combat loneliness and social isolation, believing that everyone should have a place or community where they feel they belong, or a hobby they love, earn from it, and live a rich, fulfilling, and healthy life.

Randeep said: "My passion to build companies that solve major problems is what I hope to continue to work on in the future. That's why I am really excited about the development of the Belong app. I believe it can help connect people and have an impact on the social isolation that so many of us have experienced."

If you don't enjoy something, find a way to change it. You can unlock your own potential

"My advice to any current students looking to follow a similar career path would be that, whatever you decide to do, it is important to keep learning and growing along the way."

"There may be times when you feel things aren't going in the right direction but, if you work hard, gain different skills and experience, and keep a positive mindset, the right opportunities will present themselves."

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