Dr Ashley Roberts
Associate Professor
(Organisation and Work Group)

Ashley is the Assistant Dean (Internationalisation) at WBS and has presented his research at many conferences, most recently at The Academy of Management, The British Academy of Management and also at Harvard University.

Ashley is an editorial board member of the journal Academy of Management Learning & Education, and publishes in and reviews for top ranked academic journals.

Ashley is a council member for The Management Knowledge and Education division of The British Academy of Management where he both formulates and implements strategy and policy with the Executive/Academy offices. He is a previous Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Associate, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an academic member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and also a member of The International Centre for Research in Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change.

Ashley is a National Teaching Fellow, a winner of The Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence and is a Fellow of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy. Ashley is also the Director of The Warwick (Full-Time) MBA and holds Visiting Professorships at leading global institutions.

Ashley gained a PhD from Cardiff University where he also previously taught on a variety of courses at Cardiff Business School. Ashley teaches on Undergraduate, Warwick MBA and Master's level courses. He is the internal examiner for the Undergraduate module 'Styles of Coaching and Team Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Approach'. Ashley is also the internal examiner on the Organisational Behaviour Executive variant of the Warwick MBA and has taught Organisational Behaviour MBA Modules in Brussels, Chile, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Venice. Each year Ashley wins an award for his outstanding contribution to Undergraduate teaching and he also receives the Warwick Business School Outstanding MBA Teacher Award annually.

Research Interests

High Performance Work Systems, Human Resource Management, Creative Learning, Participatory Pedagogies, Organisational Growth, and the Relationship between Organisational Culture, Structure, Identity and Control.