Dr Bo Kelestyn
Associate Professor
(ISM-Analytics (ISMA) Group)

Dr (Bozhena) Bo Kelestyn is an expert in design thinking with a diverse teaching and consulting portfolio. Since joining Warwick as a staff member in 2018, Dr Kelestyn created and led on a number of interdisciplinary modules on design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. Bo is the Course Director of the MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (which she she is also an alumna of) and the Student Engagement Lead with a remit in community building and generating a sense of belonging across undergraduate programmes at WBS. Bo is also the creator of Challenge X: A Design Thinking Sprint, offered as a co-curricular design thinking experience to all students at WBS.

Outside of the School, Bo is the Director and Founder of the pioneering Leadership for Educational Transformation programme created to support the post victory transformation of education in Ukraine. Dr Kelestyn also leads on The Guardian Masterclass on design thinking and is the creator of the Warwick Secret Challenge, a problem-solving workshop with elements of design thinking, which has become a key methodology to tackle innovation challenges at Warwick. Bo co-led on the Warwick Employability Challenge and the Warwick Sustainability Challenge. Bo is also the host of the Student Experience by Design podcast, championing the use of design thinking in Higher Education.

Dr Kelestyn was educated at the Warwick Business School and the Durham Business School. Bo holds several awards for her contributions to teaching & learning at Warwick, Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and Fellowship of Enterprise Educators UK.

Research Interests

Design Thinking
Student Engagement
Student Voice
Interdisciplinary Pedagogy