Daniella Badu
Assistant Professor
(Operations Management Group)

Daniella Badu is an Assistant Professor in the Operations Group at the Warwick Business School. She started her teaching career as a Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham City University in 2013, where she taught Enhancing Business and Management Skills and later Business Operations and Systems Management.

During her time as a PhD student at the Warwick Business School, she taught and facilitated seminars in various subjects such as Operations Management, Project Management, Foundations of Corporate Performance, Global Environment Business, Supply Chain Management and Project Skills at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level at the Business School.
She also supported Module Leaders and facilitated seminars in Product Life Cycle Management, and Storage and Warehouse Techniques Modules, and became the Lead Educator for the Supply Chain Management Fundamentals Module between 2019 and 2021 at the Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Daniella's PhD research explored how performance measurement systems can enable or constrain organizational ambidexterity. She has engaged and presented in various conferences such as the Academy of Management, EurOMA Conference and the Midlands Doctoral Conference and on a number of occasions won the best paper award.