Dr Frances O'Brien
Associate Professor of Operational Research
(ISM-Analytics (ISMA) Group)

Experience in the development and use of frameworks, modelling and analytical approaches to supporting organisational strategic development. In particular scenario planning for assessing future uncertainty and visioning approaches for developing organisational direction. Experience in teaching soft skills for Operational Research and Analytics professionals. Consultancy experience working with senior management teams in education, recruitment and not-for-profit sectors. Fellow,of the UK Operational Research Society. Committee member of the Women In OR & Analytics Network of the UK Operational Research Society. Conference organisation for the UK Operational Research Society annual conference

Research Interests

The strategic development process; the use of frameworks, methods and models to support strategy development, in particular scenario planning and visioning methodologies. Current practice within the UK of supporting strategic development. The design of creative approaches to scenario and vision development. The influence of methods and models on individual learning.
Soft skills for Analytics professionals, in particular: problem structuring and Analytics framing; and communicating with different audiences.

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