Dr Iman Ahmadi
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(Marketing Group)

I joined the Marketing Group at the Warwick Business School (WBS) in summer 2018, as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.

I am a quantitative modeler interested in analyzing and modeling real-world problems. Most of my current research focuses on contributing to a deeper understanding of substantive problems in an innovative way, with a particular focus on the fields of pricing, competitive analysis, and E-Commerce. In this capacity, I develop models and empirically analyze new datasets to generate insights that inform theory as well as real-world decisions in marketing and management.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Marketing at the Graduate School of Economics, Finance, and Management (GSEFM) at the Goethe University Frankfurt in July 2018. I earned my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tehran University, Tehran in 2008 and my MBA degree from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran in 2011. I joined GSEFM at the Goethe University Frankfurt in fall 2012, as a Ph.D. candidate of Quantitative Marketing. In the meantime, I accomplished my 2nd master degree in Quantitative Marketing from Goethe University, Frankfurt in 2015.

Research Interests

Pricing, Competition Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Markets, E-Commerce.